Cloud Data Storage Strategy

Cloud Data Storage Strategy

There was a time when customers were not convinced about cloud-based data storage systems. But now times are changing, and enterprises are confidently moving their data to the cloud, realizing how cloud platforms have matured in terms of their data storage capabilities with superior provisions for security and mobility. However, it is imperative and essential for organizations to have a robust data storage strategy in place, as each of them is looking for smooth business continuity and measurable success through the same.

As organizations are eager to maximize their ROI, while adopting cloud, high cloud data storage costs need to be managed efficiently with thoughtfully planned Data Storage Management. A thoroughly evaluated approach in planning and executing a strategy leads to optimized performance and scalability, while adhering to requisite security compliance. Some critical parameters related to data storage strategy must be considered to achieve the agreed business targets. For a varied level of scalability, performance, cost and geographies, it is also important to look at the different storage options available.

Our white paper on Cloud Data Storage Strategy attempts to provide guidance to customers/prospects as to what should be kept in mind while putting together a strategy for data storage.

Some of the notable discussions in the white paper are:

  • Options of data storage and replication in a multi-cloud setup
  • Optimizing data mobility to reduce cost
  • Parameters for structuring a data storage strategy
  • Determining the best-fit storage option based on the requirement
  • Offerings from various cloud platforms and more

To understand how to leverage data storage solutions and to maximize the value of your data, read our detailed white paper.

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