Transform Your P&C Insurance Business with Hexaware’s Guidewire Practice    Transform Your P&C Insurance Business with Hexaware’s Guidewire Practice   

Transform Your P&C Insurance Business with Hexaware’s Guidewire Practice   

Unlock true transformation in P&C insurance


For many P&C insurers, the path to modernizing their core systems often falls short of their transformation goals, resulting in incremental gains at best. The consequence? Highly customized and rigid core systems that hinder, rather than fuel, their desired transformation.

Shifting to Guidewire Cloud empowers P&C insurance carriers to cultivate distinctive capabilities that not only expedite business value but also streamline complexity. This transition offers the flexibility necessary to position themselves as the insurer of the future, adaptable and ready for what lies ahead.

Hexaware & Guidewire: Our Winning Connection for True Business Transformation

Hexaware is a proud premier member of the Guidewire PartnerConnect™ program. Our strategic collaboration equips us with the tools, knowledge, and capabilities to transform your insurance ecosystem.

  • Advanced Tools & Frameworks: From product implementation to GenAI-driven support, our solutions are tailored to enhance your efficiency and reduce operational costs.
  • Rapid LOB Implementation: Our purpose-built tools and frameworks ensure rapid implementation of new lines of business (LOB) on Guidewire Cloud for faster time-to-market, cost efficiency, and streamlined processes.
  • Quality Assurance: Our purpose-built test automation platform ensures not only efficiency but also substantial cost savings, all while increasing your test coverage.
  • Data Migration to Guidewire Cloud: Our metadata-driven automated data migration platform speeds up the conversion of data from legacy systems to Guidewire, leading to reduced effort, cost savings, and improved data quality.
  • GenAI-led Support & Enhancement: Hexaware’s GenAI-led solution optimizes your operations, reduces costs, and enhances productivity with advanced automation and AI-driven analytics.
  • Customer Producer Portal Implementation: Our optimal digital implementation methodology minimizes risks, reduces costs, and expedites timelines, ensuring a successful upgrade journey.
  • Upgrade to Guidewire Cloud: Our automation-led upgrade factory ensures a quick and efficient migration to Guidewire Cloud, resulting in improved productivity, cost savings, and reduced transition risks.

Hexaware, in partnership with Guidewire, is dedicated to accelerating business value, simplifying complexity, and providing the agility required to thrive in the evolving insurance landscape.

Discover true transformation and complete value realization with Hexaware’s and Guidewire’s winning connection.

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