How Hexaware Transformed Claims Processing for a Leading Nordic Insurer with Guidewire CustomerEngage How Hexaware Transformed Claims Processing for a Leading Nordic Insurer with Guidewire CustomerEngage

How Hexaware Transformed Claims Processing for a Leading Nordic Insurer with Guidewire CustomerEngage

Cost-effectiveness through an MVP approach


Our client is a leading Scandinavian insurer serving in the Nordic region, including Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. With 7,000 employees, the client handles approximately 1 million claims each year.  


The client is listed on Nasdaq OMX Copenhagen and is the largest general insurance service provider in the Nordic countries. 


The client holds the top 3 market position across Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, and it was facing challenges in the following areas:  

  • Customer Connectivity: The client needed a solution that seamlessly aligned with their existing customer self-service portal, enabling an efficient claims handling process for faster, secure and more effortless customer interactions.  
  • Guidewire Integration: The objective was to create a Guidewire-integrated portal equipped with features that bolstered claims processing while ensuring a smooth and user-friendly front-end experience for customers.  
  • Comprehensive Inclusion: It was essential for the client to keep all lines of business and customer segments within the scope of this project.  
  • Real-Time Claim Tracking: The client wanted an improved mechanism for monitoring the real-time status of claims to quickly resolve customer requests.  
  • Cost-Effectiveness: The client wanted a cost-effective solution that could address business challenges faster, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction. 


The client wanted to launch a cutting-edge front-end claims communication portal integrated with the Guidewire backend to connect with customers faster and easier and track claim status in real-time. 


With extensive experience in building Guidewire digital products, Hexaware provided an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) configuration-based solution, delivered in 3 phases to speed up the line of business launch. 

Hexaware’s 3-Phase Approach  

Phase 1: Development 

Developed an MVP with 8 new features in Guidewire CustomerEngage AMP in conformity with the existing portal. The MVP supported the travel and accident lines implemented in ClaimCenter, covering the scopes of Norway and Denmark.  

Phase 2: Expansion 

Expanded role functionality by building additional features and supporting other lines in ClaimCenter. Also, built FNOL for a specific LOB, covering the scopes of Norway and Denmark.  

Phase 3: Migration  

Migrated minimum refactoring of the code base, assessed and removed technical debt.  


Hexaware delivered the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with unparalleled speed, cost-efficiency, and without any associated risks. The creation of an advanced GDPR-compliant, self-service portal, perfectly in sync with the existing system, has significantly elevated the customer experience by offering an intuitive front-end interface. Through strategic utilization of cloud technologies, Hexaware successfully future-proofed the digital ecosystem, ensuring its adaptability and resilience. This forward-thinking approach has streamlined the deployment process, markedly enhanced digital interactions across all business sectors, and fostered a seamless integration of business processes. The initiative has led to a remarkable increase in customer engagement and a notable improvement in the efficiency of claims processing. 

Key benefits achieved:  

  • A 50% increase in straight-through processing across all lines of business, indicating a smoother and more efficient operational flow.
  • An impressive 86% of clients now monitor their claims online, showcasing a significant shift towards digital engagement.
  • A substantial surge of 400 basis points in Net Promoter Score (NPS), reflecting heightened customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • A 34% reduction in emails per claim and a 24% decrease in calls per claim, which collectively signify a major leap in claims processing efficiency and customer satisfaction. 


Hexaware’s MVP helped enhance the digital experience across all lines of businesses and provided a seamless front-end experience to customers. 


Hexaware helped a leading Scandinavian insurer to undergo rapid digital transformation by implementing Guidewire CustomerEngage.  

Hexaware stepped in when the client was facing challenges in streamlining customer interactions, tracking claims in real-time, and maintaining cost-effectiveness. With a phased solution that included an MVP with eight new features, expansion to cover multiple lines of business, and code optimization, Hexaware delivered an enhanced digital experience and a future-proof digital ecosystem. The result was a seamless front-end portal that boosted customer satisfaction and business efficiency across the Nordic region. 

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