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Hybrid Cloud and Application Monitoring

IT infrastructure management in the travel industry can be complex due to the myriad technologies from different service providers across multiple countries.  Besides, the recent growth and global expansion has made it a compelling prerequisite for the industry to enhance, secure and scale up their IT infrastructure.

Our Offerings

Hexaware’s rich experience in managing hybrid IT infrastructure environments and application services enables us to deliver a superior quality experience for multiple travelers across the eco-system. We can proactively monitor your infrastructure, by identifying and resolving issues even before they impact your services.

Hybrid Cloud & Data Centre Services

  • Transformation to an agile, globally scalable and hybrid data center 
  • Integrated holistic view of real-time infrastructure and application monitoring
  • Flexible configuration management 
  • Multiple travel applications rationalization with cloudbased solutions 
  • Achieve Scalability during the peak travel seasons 
  • Travel Domain Consultants with Cloud Expertise

Data Centre Migration

Leveraging a factory model for migration of applications from existing data center to a new on-premise data center or on cloud.

Operations and Business Application Monitoring

  • Leveraging our Tensai for AIOps for end-to-end Run the Business (RTB) across Application Maintenance & Support and Infrastructure Operations 
  • Single Service Delivery Structure

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