Pioneering Passenger Service Systems with Digital Assurance  Pioneering Passenger Service Systems with Digital Assurance 

Pioneering Passenger Service Systems with Digital Assurance 

Taking aviation to new horizons.


Our client, a well-established airline headquartered in North America, holds a significant place in the aviation industry with a history dating back many decades. With a broad domestic and international route network, our client serves as a vital link for travelers. Operating from key hubs at major airports, they maintain a diverse fleet capable of catering to various passenger requirements. As a member of a global airline alliance, our client collaborates with partner airlines, providing passengers with extensive travel options. Passengers can choose from a range of services, including different travel classes and in-flight amenities. 


In the face of a dynamic digital landscape, our client embarked on a journey to revolutionize their operations by adopting the Amadeus Altéa suite in digital assurance. However, this transformation was not without its challenges, which are critical to understanding the need for innovation and change. 

  • Ensuring Safe and Reliable Transition: The client’s foremost challenge was to guarantee a secure and seamless transition from their existing applications to the new Amadeus Altéa suite. Any glitches or disruptions during this transition could lead to significant operational setbacks and impact customer satisfaction. 
  • Streamlining Operations: The need for a streamlined approach was critical. The client aimed to minimize downtime and ensure their airline operations continued without interruptions during and after the transition. Achieving this required meticulous planning and execution. 
  • Preserving Critical Systems: With numerous applications being replaced and integrated, the challenge was to ensure that all essential systems, including reservation, inventory, and departure control, remained fully functional throughout the 12-hour transition. This required precision and coordination to avoid any operational hiccups. 


To meet these challenges, Hexaware proposed and implemented a comprehensive solution: 

  • Complex Integration: The scope of the project involved the integration of approximately 182 applications and products, which included 23 Amadeus products integrated with 24 other applications. This was executed within an aggressive timeline. 
  • New Application Development: Hexaware designed, developed, and implemented nine new applications to enhance the airline’s operational capabilities. 
  • Ecosystem Integration: The project involved integrating 57 of the impacted applications with the new ecosystem to ensure seamless operations. 
  • Testing and Rehearsals: Hexaware and the airline executed a remarkable feat by co-creating and executing 70,000 functional and technical test cases in just 18 months. Rehearsals were conducted at over 130 airports, involving 2,000 check-in scenarios, 4,500 airport kiosks, more than 10,000 workstations, and 122 flight departures. 
  • Critical Systems Preservation: The real challenge was to ensure that all critical systems required to keep airline operations functional remained unaffected during the 12-hour transition. This involved meticulous planning and execution to minimize downtime and risks. 


Our comprehensive approach addressed the client’s challenges, leading to impressive results like: 

  • Operational Punctuality: Achieved 100% on-time flight departures, enhancing customer satisfaction and competitiveness. 
  • Productivity Boost: Realized a 35% increase in efficiency through reusable digital assets, resulting in cost savings. 
  • Rapid Innovation: Reduced time-to-market by 30%, enabling quick deployment of new features and services. 
  • Efficient Onboarding: Streamlined staff onboarding by 50%, reducing training costs and enhancing workforce management. 
  • Revenue Growth: Delivered substantial annual revenue uplift, underscoring the ROI of the transformation. 


In summary, the client’s transformative journey underscores the remarkable results that can be achieved through innovation, collaboration, and careful planning. Hexaware’s comprehensive solution not only addressed the client’s pressing challenges but also ushered in a new era of operational excellence, with exceptional on-time flight departures, enhanced productivity, and significant revenue growth. 

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