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Reimagining Traveler’s Experience Through Generative AI

Travel & Transportation

October 12, 2023


In an era where wanderlust knows no bounds, the world of travel is undergoing a profound transformation. According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) forecast, the global air travel industry is on a remarkable path to recovery, with traffic levels now at an impressive 94.2% of pre-COVID levels. The first half of this year saw a staggering 47.2% increase in total traffic compared to the same period last year.  

There is a clear and growing trend of enthusiasm for traveling, with travelers ready to explore the world in pursuit of new experiences. Yet, beneath this exciting resurgence lies a shift in traveler expectations. Brand loyalty has become more difficult to comprehend, and travelers desire to be rewarded abundantly in a way that resonates with their individuality. To meet these expectations, airlines, hotels, travel agencies, and tour operators need to work together in a collaborative model to ensure a seamless experience for travelers, i.e., the greater the expenditure by travelers, the more significant the rewards, which is crucial for the growth of the travel industry. Travel companies must find innovative solutions to how technology tools can automate the way travel companies target travelers and provide support services.  

In recent years, many travel companies have transformed their IT strategy by turning to technologies like cloud and AI to deliver experience through personalization. AI-powered personalization enables brands to know their travelers better and increase traveler engagement, revenue, and loyalty. However, traditional AI applications, while powerful, are confined to analyzing and making decisions or predictions based on the consumed data. These AIs have been trained to follow specific principles and do particular tasks, but they lack the ability to generate fresh and exciting content that would benefit travelers and create value for business. 

Enter Generative AI (GenAI)—a newborn, flourishing subfield of artificial intelligence that promises to revolutionize the travel industry. GenAI, fueled by deep learning and neural networks, goes beyond traditional AI by creating content and data from given inputs. There are noted concerns around ownership and rights, the potential for hallucination, and the proliferation of deepfakes in AI-generated content. However, with effective IT strategies in place to ensure that GenAI is used in a responsible and sustainable manner, these models bring a world of possibilities. 

In this blog, we will delve into the limitless potential of GenAI and explore three use cases of how it can reshape the travel industry and drive revenue growth.

Key Use Cases of Generative AI in the Travel Industry 

1)  Travel Exploration   

Today, delivering an exceptional travel experience is a crucial differentiator for driving business growth. Traveler’s expectations and needs are always changing, particularly in the wake of the pandemic. Beyond selling a travel product, how well a company engages with and responds to traveler’s requests can be the deciding factor in whether customers choose to stay loyal or seek alternatives. Indeed, travel companies must develop innovative ideas and use technology to enhance traveler’s experience. 

Travelers spend a significant amount of time planning. Here is where GenAI is transforming the way travel companies engage with travelers, providing product information and crafting customized travel plans that enhance the overall traveler experience.   

Ask And It Will Be Delivered To You

GenAI is already shaking the industry, replacing traditional search methods with more conversational and intuitive search approaches. Today’s online reservation engines and portals must not only comprehend traveler’s needs but also create personalized, engaging content with precision. The days of conventional search by destination are waning. The next-gen traveler seeks intelligent travel recommendations during the discovery phase based on specific areas of interest and preferences. The power of GenAI in the traveler’s experience lies in its ability to suggest potential itineraries that fit with their requirements. Such interactive and exciting features not only benefit travelers but also serve as a valuable business tool, presenting multiple choice and customized results. The scalability of personalized, immersive traveler experiences presents significant opportunities for revenue growth, repeat business, and building lasting brand loyalty.  

2) Personalized Marketing Campaign  

As we are all aware, almost every industry was impacted by the pandemic, but none so much as the travel industry. However, it is making a strong comeback now. Travelers are eagerly spreading their wings to fly, seeking travel to rejuvenate their spirits and embrace new priorities. Travelers are becoming increasingly value-driven, which is influencing their decisions on purchasing travel products and services. Thus, creating a successful personalized marketing campaign can be a challenging task. The travel industry must explore innovative ways to create disruptive travel content with personalized traveler experiences. To make an influential and impactful marketing strategy, it is imperative to continually brainstorm innovative ideas that redefine the traveler’s experience. The days of ‘one-size-fits-all’ are long gone; travel companies must adopt a unique marketing strategy that includes personalized content for individual travelers. GenAI is poised to have a profound impact on how brands are marketed, and the industry is reimagining how to transform personalized experiences.  

Personalization Fosters Loyalty

GenAI and large language models (LLM) can personalize the traveler experience by analyzing individual traveler interactions with the business. They can generate engaging, personalized marketing material, such as email campaigns, social media posts, and advertisements. By tailoring content to individual traveler’s preferences and interests, travel companies can enhance traveler satisfaction and drive sales. GenAI models can generate a diverse range of content types, such as text, image, audio, and video. For instance, GenAI can help to create personalized campaigns by content type, sending a text message campaign to one traveler and a video campaign to another traveler. Airlines, for example, can create customized advertising campaigns, whether in text, voice, video, or image, which are exclusively tailored to their frequent flyer members. 

Brands that create personalized, creative content foster better traveler relationships, resulting in higher conversion rates and increased revenue. Beyond sales, it is imperative to track traveler behavior, purchase patterns, and sentiment. GenAI excels in understanding travelers better, thus generating content that truly resonates with their needs.   

3) Virtual Concierge   

In the travel industry, traveler service operation is one of the key business functions as they are the face of the company, directly interacting with the traveler. The key responsibility of traveler service is to listen to travelers and value their opinions. Most importantly, they must understand and proactively address traveler queries, resolve requests, handle complaints, and provide information all at once to establish traveler confidence and cultivate high levels of loyalty. However, in the digital age, with the high volume of complex inquiries, providing conversational responses in a timely manner can be challenging. Prolonged wait times are a challenge for almost every business that erodes traveler satisfaction over time. 

Customer Service, Accelerated! 

GenAI has the potential to significantly disrupt this situation, leveraging large language models (LLMs) and deep learning techniques specifically designed to understand complex inquiries and instantly generate more natural conversational responses. 

These advanced AI models can adeptly handle and analyze complex queries, delivering responses that are contextually precise and infused with sentiment, coherence, and nuance. As virtual concierges, GenAI systems can also augment in providing product recommendations based on traveler preferences, behavioral patterns, and historical interactions. What sets them apart is their ability to respond in a manner that mirrors human conversation, an evolution beyond traditional chatbot-driven interactions. Most importantly, they reduce wait times and provide better quality traveler care.  

Companies already invested in conventional chatbot tools are eager to explore the power of GenAI for traveler services. These AI virtual concierges can manage repetitive inquiries and handle a high volume of requests, allowing human agents to focus on more complex and specialized tasks. 

In today’s globally connected travel landscape, effective communication with travelers in local languages is crucial for sustained business growth. The complexity of linguistic diversity creates a significant challenge for travel companies to engage with travelers. GenAI provides multilingual communication in real time, reducing the impact of language diversity on global interactions. Consequently, GenAI-based traveler services can reach a broader audience and contribute to economic growth. 

The adoption of GenAI in traveler service operations represents not merely a technological shift but a transformative strategy for the travel industry to maintain a competitive edge in the global market. Its ability to generate more natural conversational responses, automate routine tasks, increase traveler satisfaction, and drive operational efficiency positions GenAI as a catalyst poised to redefine the future of traveler service in profound and remarkable ways. 


GenAI is rapidly emerging in the market and will significantly transform the traveler experience, driving exponential growth in the travel and hospitality domains. With its capacity to comprehend the needs of travelers, GenAI can create tailored and memorable travel experiences like never before. Moreover, beyond enhancing traveler experience, when deployed in a responsible manner, GenAI can boost efficiency and productivity, reduce costs, and create new growth prospects.  

Ready to take the next steps in your GenAI strategy? We are here to assist. Get in touch with us at marketing@hexaware.com 

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Ravi Chander KVP

Ravi Chander KVP

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