Guest Experience in the Palm of Your Hand: The Mobile Application Revolution  Guest Experience in the Palm of Your Hand: The Mobile Application Revolution 

Guest Experience in the Palm of Your Hand: The Mobile Application Revolution 

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Our valued clients operate in the sphere of serviced residences and hospitality on a global scale, serving as subsidiaries of a renowned real estate conglomerate. With a widespread international footprint, they provide an array of premium serviced apartments, each boasting a unique brand identity. These accommodations cater to the diverse needs of both business and leisure travelers, embodying a commitment to excellence in the realm of guest experiences. They consistently uphold the highest standards of service quality within the hospitality industry, ensuring guest satisfaction remains their paramount focus. 


In an ever-evolving and highly competitive hospitality landscape, our client was confronted with a set of formidable challenges. Their primary goal was to deliver exceptional customer experiences through a mobile-centric solution. To achieve this, they needed to enhance the entire guest journey, spanning the pre-stay, in-stay, and post-stay phases. Additionally, they aimed to provide members and guests with real-time offers, voucher redemptions, and notifications, requiring a seamless and integrated approach. Key challenges include: 

  • Elevating Guest Experiences: Meeting the demands of discerning modern travelers and ensuring that each guest’s experience was truly exceptional posed a substantial challenge. 
  • Comprehensive Guest Journey Enhancement: Elevating the entire guest journey, from pre-booking to post-booking interactions, demanded an all-encompassing solution. 
  • Real-Time Engagement: Providing guests with real-time offers, voucher redemptions, and notifications necessitated a dynamic and responsive system. 


In response to these complex challenges, Hexaware conceptualized and launched an innovative solution that revolutionized the way our client interacted with their guests. At the heart of this transformation was the loyalty and rewards mobile app, a comprehensive and feature-rich platform. The app offered an immersive and contactless guest experience, covering the entire guest journey, from pre-booking to post-booking interactions. It introduced digital in-app self-service capabilities and accommodated special requests for every occasion. Data-driven personalization played a pivotal role in consistently enhancing the guest experience. The solution was built on a resilient and modular architecture, with an ‘Experience API’ delivering unparalleled guest experiences. Mobile key enablement provided guests with seamless room access and loyalty program members enjoyed a tailored digital experience. The comprehensive solution comprised: 

  • Loyalty and Rewards Mobile App: Hexaware introduced a cutting-edge mobile app that served as the linchpin of the solution. 
  • Contactless Guest Experience: The app offered a contactless and immersive guest journey, redefining how guests interacted with the property. 
  • Data-Driven Personalization: The solution hinged on data-driven personalization, ensuring an ever-improving guest experience. 
  • Resilient Architecture: A modular and resilient architecture provided the foundation, offering adaptability and scalability. 
  • Mobile Key Enablement: Guests were afforded seamless access to their rooms through mobile key enablement. 
  • Digital Experience for Loyalty Members: The loyalty program members relished a customized digital experience. 


The implementation of the solution bore tangible and impressive results like:  

  • App Adoption: The loyalty and rewards mobile app achieved over 120,000 downloads, firmly establishing its popularity among users. 
  • User Satisfaction: Exceptional user ratings in both the App Store and Play Store emphasized the high level of guest and member satisfaction. 
  • Enhanced Booking Flexibility: The app’s rollout across 185+ properties simplified the reservation process, empowering users with increased booking flexibility. 


In hindsight, the challenges faced by our client served as a catalyst for substantial change. Hexaware’s loyalty and rewards mobile app proved to be the key to addressing these challenges, ultimately reshaping the landscape of guest experiences in the hospitality sector. The resulting benefits, including widespread adoption, outstanding user ratings, and an expanded presence across numerous properties, underscore the undeniable success of this initiative.  

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