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Digital Transformation

Travel companies are constantly looking to increase their revenue & ancillary revenue by offering various products and services to passengers before, during or after the flight. Most of these services are provided through digital channels. hence It is imperative to keep the passenger engaged at each touch point by providing an enhanced Customer Experience and provide personalized services based on the passenger’s preferences and choices.


Customer Experience First

Hexaware offers its Design Thinking Experience First framework and automation approach to enhance customer experience, along with providing futuristic business visions and strategies.

  • Experience First Strategy
  • Digital Capabilities Benchmarking
  • Travel Websites and Booking engines
  • User Experience Design for Web and Mobile, ensuring better Visibility, Ease in usage & interactions and for creating a holistic Omnichannel experience 
  • Inflight Sales and Customer Loyalty applications
  • Digital Self-Service Tools & Apps to provide instant information & services including over Social Messenger Apps
  • Personalize Everything (Personalization)
  • Digital Ergonomics (Accessibility, Voice Enablement, Visual Cues, etc.)
  • IT Strategy & Consulting
  • Social Media Integration 
  • Enterprise Data Strategy/Governance/Consulting

Engineering Transformation

We can transform the end-to-end customer experience by leveraging platforms and technologies across business functions, applications and infrastructure.

  • Digital Marketing and Commerce Platforms
  • Crew Training through AR/VR
  • AI/ML Driven Personalization
  • Chatbots & Voice bots for Customer Services
  • Real-Time communication, notification & status reporting over Apps through API & Webservice led data exchange

Continuous Experience Delivery 

As a specialist in enhanced digital experience, we can minimize the time to market for creating an enriched & engaging customer experience while also improving operational efficiencies, thereby enabling customer intimacy and advocacy.

  • E-Commerce & Community Portal Optimization & Management
  • Travel products and Ancillary services – Content and Creative Production
  • Seamless Integration with other Merchandising Platforms
  • Executing Targeted Campaigns (e.g. Flight Ticket Sales, Ancillary Sales, Promotions) Through Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Marketing Analytics and Measurement Services 
  • Always-on Digital Innovation

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