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Informed Decision-Making

Airline applications generate & collect huge amounts of data from passengers and external sources. They are constantly striving to take real-time data-driven actions to optimize operational performance, enhance customer experience, reduce wait time, forecast passenger flow and baggage flow, perform what-if analysis for revenues, operations, forecasts and so on.  

Although data is wealth for airlines, they are not leveraging business intelligence & analytics to consolidate the complex, structured and unstructured data sources from multiple siloed systems and convert them into insights and intelligence.

Our Offerings

Airlines BI & Analytics Platform

A pre-built airline data model leveraging our in-depth airline expertise covering end-to-end Passenger services, Loyalty, Crew, Flight operations, In-flight, Cargo, MRO and Enterprise.  We also support Passenger Analytics, Inflight Service Analytics, Cargo Analytics, Customer 360 view, Social Media Analytics, MRO Analytics and MRO Inventory Optimization.

Data Migration platform

Our cloud-based data modernization platform that can automate significant amount of effort involved in migration of data from your legacy systems to new-gen COTS products.

IoT Analytics

Ready-to-use IoT platform for asset tracking, collecting operational data through sensors, real-time data analysis, asset performance notifications and alerts, etc.

Decision Sciences Lab

Transform the endless deluge of airlines data into a vibrant source of useful insights to drive smarter business decisions using our Lab-as-a-service with access to best-in-class tools, technology and experts.

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