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Reimagine Clinical trials through Intelligent Automation

Every new day in the clinical trial industry amounts to greater cost and loss of competitive advantage, the need of hour is more simplified and streamlined clinical trial processes so that less time is required to get accurate results. With clinical trial automation as plug-in, this sector can aim for optimizing clinical trials from start to finish with better quality data that can boost productivity throughout clinical trial lifecycle.

We offer comprehensive AI/ ML/ DL enabled automation in clinical trials. With the combination of OCR (optical character recognition), RPA (robotic process automation), intelligent clinical workflow management, NLP and cognitive agents, we streamline centralized monitoring with intelligent issue detection, clinical document classification for FDA submissions, adverse event identification and case processing, patient eligibility and matching for patient recruitment in clinical trials with improved data collection. Digital clinical workflow management can provide real-time access to accurate information on study progress and help monitor and control enterprise and site level risks. Hexaware’s solution for site monitoring helps increase CRA effort utilization and improves consistency, accuracy, speed of data and subject review while overcoming data governance challenges.

With the help of automation accelerators and value stream maps, we offer intelligent automation services across various clinical trial processes, starting from the study design and startup phase to the study execution and completion phase.

For providing end-to-end orchestrated business process automation, Hexaware’s Business Process Management services offer consulting, assessment, implementation services and Lab Try-Out services that enable the clinical industry to orchestrate business processes among existing systems and applications both within and beyond the enterprise.

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