We partner with industry organizations, spanning CROs, pharma, biotech, and medical devices to drive transformation.

Our Life Sciences Technology Solutions Help:

Leverage Hexaware’s expertise in cost optimization and value-driven strategies to make healthcare products more affordable. Utilize data analytics and AI (with GenAI capabilities) to cut costs and ensure that products reach a wider audience.

Utilize Hexaware’s supply chain and operations solutions to streamline processes and enhance visibility. Implement advanced analytics, IoT, and blockchain to optimize supply chain efficiency, reduce lead times, and minimize disruptions.

Collaborate with Hexaware to stay at the forefront of emerging technologies such as AI, machine learning, and blockchain. Leverage these technologies to enhance research and development, accelerate drug discovery, and improve patient engagement.

Rely on Hexaware’s expertise in regulatory compliance and quality assurance. Implement robust quality management systems and leverage automation and data analytics to ensure adherence to global pharmaceutical regulations, reducing the risk of non-compliance and associated penalties.

Our Life Sciences Technology Solutions Help:

Our Capabilities

Designing and developing customized devices with a human-centered approach across therapeutic areas and integrating business operations across the product value chain, aligning with patient pathways.

Improving the clinical trial process through our fully configurable, virtual trial platform coupled with our suite of purpose-built IT solutions & services.

Streamlining complex, end-to-end cell and gene therapy (CGT) workflows and supporting high-touch milestones across the value chain for CGT products.

Automating cloud transformation while driving secure interoperability and data ingestion, unlocking potential for large-scale health insights.

Enabling a connected patient-centric journey to support access to care and resources in a timely and personalized manner.

Ensuring adherence to robust quality management systems, GxP compliance, rigorous testing and computer system validation.

Unlocking new opportunities for growth and competitiveness, enhancing productivity of both business-oriented and enterprise-level applications.

Offering advisory and implementation services across commercial organizations to optimize marketing, sales and consumer engagement.

Leveraging engineering principles and digital health technologies to advance drug discovery, optimize clinical and commercial operations and enhance patient care.

Ensuring Meaningful Impact Through Tools And Accelerators

Drive Business Transformation

End-to-end life sciences solutions to transform business processes and drive innovation.

Scale Value Through Products

Reduced time to market and increased scalability, making products accessible to a broader audience.

Enable Better, Faster Decisions

Data, advanced analytics, and AI to help unlock powerful insights that support bold decision-making

Case Studies

Life Sciences, Pharma, and Biotech Team Leaders

Milan Bhatt

Milan Bhatt

Life Sciences, Pharma & Biotech Leader

Vijayalakshmi Raj

Vijayalakshmi Raj

Life Sciences, Pharma & Biotech Leader

Mohit Sehgal

Mohit Sehgal

Life Sciences, Pharma & Biotech Expert

Innovate, thrive, and grow in an increasingly complex landscape.

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Innovate, thrive, and grow in an increasingly complex landscape.
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