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Transforming Pharma Commercial Data Analytics for a Leading CSO Transforming Pharma Commercial Data Analytics for a Leading CSO

Transforming Pharma Commercial Data Analytics for a Leading CSO

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Our client, a leading pharmaceutical CSO (Contract Sales Organization) and a drug commercialization partner understands the crucial role of data analytics in pharmaceuticals in driving informed decision-making and strategic advancements. They have been offering innovative healthcare solutions and vital insights to manage challenges in pharma commercialization. With expertise spanning clinical and medical outsourced teams, remote and field sales solutions, capabilities development, recruiting, operations, and consulting, they help their customers navigate the road from new drug development to new therapy success and patient care, pushing the boundaries of commercialization strategies to enhance patient’s lives.


Despite their prominence in the pharmaceutical sector, our client faced significant challenges:

Fragmented Data Ecosystem: The absence of a centralized data warehouse hindered integrated insights across sales, marketing, and other vital functions, impairing strategic decision-making.

Inconsistent Analysis Capability: The lack of cohesive data setups led to varying analytical capabilities, thereby weakening the ability of sales reps, MSLs, account managers, field operations teams, and CSRs to make informed business decisions.

Data Quality Concerns: Sub-optimal data quality from disparate systems compromised the accuracy and reliability of analysis, posing significant challenges to ensuring contract compliance and optimizing sales performance.

Ad-hoc Reporting Dependency: Relying on third-party vendors for ad-hoc reporting introduced inefficiencies and delays, hindering agility and responsiveness in decision-making workflows.


As a strategic partner, Hexaware embarked on a journey to develop an integrated data hub with advanced analytics capabilities. We began with a strategic assessment of the client’s current ecosystem and proceeded to craft a future state architecture in Microsoft Azure, leveraging native Azure services. Here’s how we transformed their operations:

Data Integration and Transformation:

  • Ingested data from multiple sources such as NICE for contact center data, Salesforce for opportunity tracking, Veeva CRM for sales tracking, Workday for people & projects, and Totara for learning.
  • Built a reusable ingestion framework and seamlessly integrated it with source APIs.
  • Migrated historical data and optimized storage using cutting-edge cloud-native tools.


Centralized Data Warehouse Construction:

  • Constructed a centralized data warehouse aligned with future state needs.
  • Implemented master data management for clients and projects.
  • Developed application-specific data marts on Azure Analysis Services (AAS)/SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) cubes, including data marts for business results and remote sales engagement.


Business-centric Reporting and Analytics:

  • Created a robust reporting and analytics layer tailored to business needs.
  • Delivered intelligence in critical areas such as remote HCP engagement, commercial, medical research, financial forecasting and budgeting, and in human resource domains, including tracking employee performance and measuring the effectiveness of training programs.


Our solution not only enhanced the analytical capabilities of the company but also facilitated a transition from disjointed siloed systems to a centralized commercial data repository tailored for the pharmaceutical industry. This aligns with the long-term strategic goals of our client, encompassing the following key objectives:

  • Provided Business Intelligence as a Service (BIaaS) to empower pharmaceutical clients with enhanced insights for better customer experiences.
  • Established a single source of truth for all business needs, catering to both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Facilitated easy access to integrated data, streamlining analysis and reporting processes.
  • Ensured complete ownership and democratization of data assets, fostering transparency and collaboration across the organization.
  • Facilitated data warehouse evolution to adapt and accommodate future data sources, ensuring scalability and sustainability.
  • Accelerated platform adoption for external users including HCPs and KOLs, enhancing collaboration and efficiency across the ecosystem.


Through business intelligence and data analytics services, Hexaware embarked on the transformative journey of a leading pharmaceutical CSO to revolutionize its data management and analytics capabilities. From overcoming data fragmentation to establishing a centralized repository, Hexaware’s solutions aligned seamlessly with the client’s strategic objectives. By empowering stakeholders with enriched insights, ensuring data integrity, and fostering collaboration, the company today strides confidently into the future of pharmaceutical excellence.

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