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Powering patient-centric virtual clinical trials

Prior to COVID-19, life science companies and sponsors viewed virtualization of trials as a “nice to have” in clinical trial operations. However, the onset of COVID-19 brought the clinical research industry to a standstill leaving global pharma companies and CROs scrambling to find solutions to get the studies back on track. This triggered a virtual trial rush leaving 88% of global pharma companies and CROs to invest in virtual trial monitoring solutions for remote patients making virtual components and telemedicine a “must-have”.  

Several CROs and pharmaceutical organizations have been working at an unprecedented speed towards supporting COVID-19 rescue studies and operationalizing non-COVID-19 studies in a remote setting. With the pandemic creating new awareness and urgency for life sciences companies, researchers, and providers to improve patient engagement in clinical trials and make clinical trials more accessible and modern, it has become critical to engage patients virtually while eliminating digital treatment barriers.  

Substantial protocol amendments to ongoing studies create additional challenges in keeping patients on protocols, further impacting patient retention. On average, clinical trials with at least one substantial protocol amendment took 3 months longer to complete than those without an amendment.​ Also, extending unparalleled digital patient support to serve queries from study participants, site staff and other key stakeholders within the clinical trial ecosystem in a time-efficient and empathetic manner while balancing the trade-off between cost and patient experience is in itself a cumbersome task. 

Our Experiences

Hexaware has extensive experience in working with large CROs and global pharmaceutical companies in addressing some of these challenges for enabling virtualization of trials and accelerating clinical trial transformation. Having built decentralized clinical trials platforms for top pharma sponsors and working with the world’s largest CRO to establish a remote contact center with multilingual support supporting 400k+ patients in 25+ languages in 100 countries for one of the earliest COVID-19 rescue studies, we can help your organization fast-track this digital transformation journey.  

Our fully configurable decentralized clinical trial platform augmented with touchless and immersive contact center services enables 2X faster patient recruitment and ensures a seamless omnichannel connectwith patients throughout the course of their trial journey. A site-less, decentralized approach puts patients first by leveraging telemedicine and removing geographical barriers to participation. This, in-turn, ensures patient retention in clinical trials is up by 20%,thereby beating industry standards by far and putting you at the top of the ladder.

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