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Enterprise Application Services

Application transformation can have a significant impact on the traditional hotel process by influencing the guest experience and modifying the behavior, functions and tasks of hospitality managers and service staff. Enterprise application services and integration with existing legacy applications is a challenge. The cost of innovation, resistance to change, training issues, time and budget are some other constraints.

Hexaware’s Application Transformation Management helps the Hospitality industry to implement new digital technologies and enhance the guest experience throughout their stay. We leverage Cloud Services, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, DevOps, etc. Some of our services are: 

  • Application Transformation
    Developing award-winning websites, property management systems and customer reservation systems
  • Cloudify applications
    Providing cloud application services, migration and cloud development for major hospitality customers  
  • API & Integration
    API integration of hospitality business applications with online travel websites to achieve higher room bookings at lower commission costs
  • Application Managed Services
    Application maintenance and support for top hospitality customers with cost reduction and service improvements 


  • Significant cost reduction of application transformation & application managed services
  • Increased application uptime and availability
  • Achieve scalability, operational efficiency and process simplification
  • Omnichannel strategy to enrich the customer experience

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