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Deliver Client On-Boarding Excellence

The evolving global financial landscape has forced the asset management industry to revamp its business models and improve client experience, through a relentless focus on customer satisfaction. Asset management firms typically grapple with several challenges like lack of integration between middle and back offices, which leads to poor customer experiences. For instance, straight-through processing is difficult to implement due to multiple interfaces between brokers, customers and third parties. Increased use of exotic and less-liquid asset classes by the industry adds to process complexity. Asset managers are therefore partnering with end-to-end service providers to enable seamless integration of middle and back office services with the goal of achieving operational efficiencies, increased savings and superior customer satisfaction. 

One of the critical enablers of superior customer experience is an efficient client on-boarding process. It also helps the industry meet regulatory requirements and provides the opportunity to expand into newer territories. Hexaware’s services address these specific middle office operational challenges faced by the industry as shown in the table (Figure 1) below:  

Middle office challenges  

Hexaware’s capabilities  

Constraining operating models and the presence of multiple partners limit scalability, governance and consistent delivery.  

Deliver significant on-boarding capacity with consistent and seamless global operating models.  

Ineffective knowledge management due to constant churn in the on-boarding team leads to, lack of knowledge retention on tools, processes, and best practices  

Institutionalize knowledge transition and retention across the on-boarding lifecycle.  

Lack of demand predictability due to high variability in deal volumes and capacity requirements, across various work streams and geographies.  

Provide a target state model that enables rapid ramp up/down, and effective demand management, while controlling costs.  

High levels of financial and operational risk due to limited visibility and control.  

Share financial risks as a strategic partner and help mitigate operational risks by ensuring aggressive strategic investments and successful on-boarding.  


With over a decade of experience in partnering with leading asset managers, we provide integrated service offerings for a smooth on-boarding experience. These include program, resource, and metadata management, differentiated pricing model, Business Process Management (BPM) modeling for business analysis, data exchange, client reporting migration service, analytics for asset management, and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) regression suite.  

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