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Achieving Data, Process and IT Efficiencies

Asset managers have a more significant role to play today. Asset servicing is a profitable sector considering the current challenging economic environment. It is characterized by stringent regulations, demanding investors, and fierce competition. The evolving landscape is compelling asset managers to revisit their IT strategy, to reduce operational costs and improve efficiencies. As a result, they have been increasingly adopting outsourcing strategies to achieve strategic goals. 

The scope of outsourcing has gradually evolved into one that encompasses middle office functions, as well as, data management services. Outsourcing of data management services offloads the asset manager’s time significantly, allowing them to focus on core areas to streamline operations, drive growth and gain competitive advantage. Some of the key IT challenges faced by asset managers include various processes, and silo-ed data sources, that make efficient client onboarding difficult and monetization of new opportunities a distant dream.  

Hexaware offers comprehensive asset servicing solutions to help asset managers effortlessly meet new business requirements. Besides supporting traditional asset servicing functions, our client onboarding framework helps standardize onboarding processes with clear Key Performance Indicators (KPI), service levels and business processes. We have successfully built and implemented data & analytics solutions and managed data & reporting processes for several industry players, helping them make comprehensive data repositories to enhance data management and deploy efficient analytics functions. 

Middle Office Outsourcing in the Investment Management World

As Asset Managers look to outsource non-core functions such as investment operations, one area that is gaining popularity in the post-2008 financial world is Middle Office Outsourcing.

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