Scaling Tech to Fully Optimize Big Data

Enterprise data are high quality and structured information assets, with well-defined governance, security protocols and life cycle management practices. 

Evolving economic and regulatory requirements are compelling global financial institutions to minimize risk while ensuring superior financial performance. Growing market volatility amplifies the importance of making informed decisions in real time.

Banks and financial institutions need robust data management to ensure accurate, consistent, and reliable business insights. Efficient data management increases flexibility, and optimizes outcomes with return on investment (ROI), while minimizing risks and costs. 

Changed Digital Landscape for EDM

Volume of Data –As Enterprise Data from multiple sources pile in, the traditional data warehouse ecosystems fall short in their ability to handle this kind of workload. Modernizing legacy architecture is time and money consuming and slows down businesses. 

Ubiquity of Data Big Data is everywhere, and for banks and financial institutions, this is a virtual goldmine of actionable information that can be used to improve customer experience, customize products and services, build stakeholder relations and maximize brand reach. 

Experience Revolution – The Experience Revolution has changed the dynamics of the world we live and operate in. To deliver stellar experiences to customers, businesses need to pick up cues, analyze and respond in real time. 

By combining innovative technology and deep domain expertise, Hexaware offers end-to-end data management solutions to leverage massive reduction in TCO, and harness business agility, scalability, and enhanced security. Our suite of offerings consists of comprehensive data management solutions across the front, middle and back-office requirements. The solutions encompass market data feeds, including security, intraday and end-of-day pricing, corporate action, client data, portfolio, trade and compliance reporting, reconciliation, performance and risk analytics, data quality, data governance, data cleansing and master data management.

Our Enterprise Data Management Offering

Hexaware’s EDM offering leverages comprehensive data management capabilities across front, middle and back office, and cutting-edge analytics, AI/ML, cloudification and Big Data integration abilities. 

Hexaware EDM strategy connects data and existing assets across organizations, cuts costs, offers real-time insights and reduces data redundancies.

Platform Consolidations

Hexaware with its extensive experience has developed proprietary tools, which accelerates and improves process efficiency and reduces implementation efforts by at least 20%.
Here are Hexaware’s proprietary tools and frameworks:

Hexaware Proprietary / Framework Tools Features
AIM - Analytics for Investment Management A scalable, flexible, integrated data model, for implementing dashboard, reports, and analytics, that helps in improving the quality and time to market
SLA- Semantic layer automation Business intelligence metadata foundation tool that creates semantic layers such as, universes and models
DART - XML-based query engine XML-based query engine for data integration & maintaining ETL coding standards, and locating coding errors
BIMA - Metadata-based analysis tool Metadata-based analysis tool within any BI environment for determining duplicate reports, dead variables, and sub-set related reports
Jumbo Data quality check tool

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