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Utilize Data to Digitally Leapfrog your Enterprise Data Management

Enterprise data is the key to solving almost all the existing and emerging challenges financial institutions face. To get the most out of data, FIs need to distil insights that are timely, relevant and accurate. But multiple tools and technologies that are deployed across siloed databases can make data management slow and inefficient.

Today, vast amount of data is being shared across many enterprise systems but without a holistic Enterprise Data Management system, businesses fail to harness it to optimum. Hexaware helps global firms to build a Data Management Strategy which enables data consistency across transactional and analytical systems by minimizing the time spent on collating information to streamline change management.

EDM enables the investment managers to

  • Provide accurate and timely response to the customer
  • Consider quick and easy decision-making with refined data


Key Challenges

  • How to balance the business-driven vs. technology-driven data management initiatives?
  • What is the best approach to integrate structured legacy data with unstructured alternate data?
  • Can advanced analytics empower self-service models?
  • What are the top cloud adoption use cases for data that should be prioritized?


Our Enterprise Data Management Offering

Hexaware’s EDM offering leverages comprehensive financial data management capabilities across front, middle and back office, and cutting-edge data analytics, AI/ML, cloudification and Big Data integration abilities.

Hexaware’s EDM strategy connects data and existing assets across organizations, minimizes costs, offers real-time insights and reduces data redundancies.

Platform Consolidations:

Hexaware with its extensive experience has developed proprietary tools, which accelerate and improve process efficiency and reduces implementation efforts by at least 20%.
Here are Hexaware’s proprietary tools and frameworks:

Hexaware Proprietary / Framework Tools Features
Amaze for Data AI

Automates the transformation of an on-premise data warehouse, BI and analytics ecosystem to a cloud environment rapidly at scale without disruption to the business

AIM - Analytics for Investment Management A scalable, flexible, integrated data model, for implementing dashboard, reports, and analytics, that helps in improving the quality and time to market
Data Modernization platform Be it developing your Data Warehouse from scratch for transactional data or extending the capability of your current Data Warehouse, leverage our Data Modernization toolset for accelerating these processes. Experience agility across the entire development cycle including data profiling, data quality validation, ETL code generation and reconciliation.
Jumbo Data quality check tool that helps quality assurance teams separate ‘noise’ from ‘insights’. It’s an end-to-end automated data testing solution that works across all stages of the Data Adoption Lifecycle – Data Pre-Extraction Testing, Data Extraction Testing, Data Transformation Testing.

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