Capital Markets

Capital Markets

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Digital Transformation of Capital Market Value Chain

The banking and financial services industry operates within the ‘new normal’ today. The sector is dominated by ever-tightening regulations, digital banking, and omni-channel customer experiences. Compressing costs, including high Run-the-Bank (RTB) costs, due to high FTE-based pricing models, is a top challenge for the industry. Succeeding in this environment requires industry players to strike a balance between operational optimization and the infusion of digital transformation. While technologies such as; Big Data, cloud, mobile, IoT and AI/ML are already transforming the way business is done, banks need to optimize data management further. Leveraging analytics will help the industry boost enterprise resilience, increase cross-selling opportunities, enhance customer value, and maximize their wallet share.  

Our rich experience in partnering with leading global banks and financial institutions enables us to offer comprehensive solutions that meet the evolving needs of the banking industry. Analytics and data management solutions aligned to our organizational strategy – AUTOMATE EVERYTHING®, CLOUDIFY EVERYTHING® and TRANSFORM CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES®, are delivered through a process-driven approach, helping banks successfully embark on their ‘data-to-digital’ journey to achieve the desired end-to-end transformation of their operations. 

Lines of Business

  • Asset Management

    Today asset managers across the world are finding new opportunities to grow in a highly dynamic, responsive and exciting marketplace. However, the challenges are multiple and manifold as customers evolve, markets adapt, and regulators navigate the fully connected and hyper-shared world. 

    Market volatility, rising costs and risk-averse investors continue to shape and renew the asset and wealth management landscape, and challenge the dexterity and innovativeness of asset managers. 

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  • Asset Servicing

    Asset managers have a more significant role to play today. Asset servicing is a profitable sector considering the current challenging economic environment. It is characterized by stringent regulations, demanding investors, and fierce competition. The evolving landscape is compelling asset managers to revisit their IT strategy, to reduce operational costs and improve efficiencies. As a result, they have been increasingly adopting outsourcing strategies to achieve strategic goals. 

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  • Mortgage Services

    In the post financial crisis era, lenders are looking for innovative solutions to reduce defaults and meet evolving customer demands. The primary mortgage market has predominantly been a paper intensive industry. However, over the last several years, there has been a major push towards modernization and e-submission of documentations to enhance regulatory compliance and improve overall client experience. 

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  • Libor Transition

    Transition from Libor to alternate rates with complete assistance in the entire process – strategic consulting, process implementation, machine learning and NLP based innovative solutions and SMEs with expertise in derivatives and cash products, for a seamless Libor transition.

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  • Investment Banking

    Succeeding in today’s capital markets requires corporate and investment banks to constantly develop customized products targeted at different segments and markets. However, this has led to silo-ed data, processes, and IT infrastructure & applications. Lack of a unified enterprise view prevents businesses from effectively adjusting product price by risk, rolling out new products, and driving operational efficiency. They also struggle to comply with tighter regulatory and risk based supervision. 

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  • Regulatory Trade and Transaction Reporting

    Leveraging its extensive experience on both ETDs and OTC Derivatives Data management, Hexaware offers a comprehensive framework for regulatory transaction reporting.

    With a holistic view, Hexaware lays the foundation for a one-stop solution for all your transaction reporting needs, starting with data aggregation in a harmonized model that is scalable enough to absorb the evolving regulatory needs.

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