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Real-time Digital KYC Solutions for Enhanced User Experience

KYC – Know Your Customer. But, do you really know what your customer wants? With digitalization spanning various industries, Banking is no exception. FIs need an automated, digital measure to fulfill their KYC requirements while delivering both – convenience and security.

Hexaware’s Digital KYC solution helps build customized KYC refreshment with document submission and verification automated with intelligent extraction which makes the process near real-time. Our rule engines and supervised and unsupervised ML, aid in early detection of fraud with high accuracy.

Do you know?

It takes nearly 42 days for a non-digital KYC process while a Digital KYC has a real-time solution.

Digital KYC solution not only accelerates program transformation, but also enables –

  • Cost reduction and risk mitigation
  • Comprehensive and accurate risk view
  • In-time compliance with new regulations
  • Faster implementation 


Why Hexaware?

Having helped global BFS organizations, Hexaware exudes –

  • 15+ years of expertise in KYC and regulatory solutions implementation
  • 120+ domain trained, certified consultants
  • 100+ technology experts
  • 15+ solutions accelerators

Hexaware's Approach

Key Differentiators

  • Consulting toolkits for strategic assessment to identify gaps and blueprint strategy
  • Development and implementation of KYC products with ongoing support and maintenance
  • Selfie-based digital identity verification with face-based biometrics to streamline identity-proofing processes
  • ML & NLP leveraged document submission and verification for complete digital onboarding
  • Rule engines and predictive fraud models to comply real-time advanced fraud detection

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