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Delivering Futuristic Digital Banking Transformations

Today, in the banking industry, customers expect you to be a lot more than just a physical place where they safely secure payments and credit. The Digital wave has transformed our lives and the enterprises that help us transact and thrive.

Customers have moved on from branch-centric banking to mobile-first banking. Neo banks and emerging Fintech startups may not have the legacy of the incumbents, but they have mobility at their core and directly address the needs of the new breed of customers.

To succeed in the dynamic market, incumbents must focus on delivering fast and delightful user experiences, innovative products and best value. The new customers will bank with you only if you make it simpler for them to achieve their financial goals.

Our Approach

Hexaware’s Digital Banking practice partners with leading banks, challenger banks, Fintech players and financial services organizations to drive holistic digital transformation. We have more than 20 years of experience in delivering disruptive and complex businesses solutions across the globe and enabling customers to drive transformative digital programs.

Our expertise spans working closely with traditional banking powerhouses as well as emerging Neo banks. We enable real-time payment technologies and help incumbent banks embrace Open Banking and improve customer service by sharing their technology platforms with new Fintech players, opening up consumer-consented data, and collaboratively building innovative, mobile-first suite of financial services.

Key Differentiators

We have 120+ Solution Accelerators in 40+ functional areas, transforming all areas of our customer’s business.

Hexaware with its C- BEADS framework assist you in driving successful customer experience where we focus on the following factors keeping Customer in the center:

  • Business Imperatives
  • Engagement Experience
  • API-fication needs
  • Data Science techniques
  • Security challenges

Experience Design

Today, banks and Fintech companies offer customer-centric products and services that map end-to-end customer journeys. This includes enabling specialized customer interactions like video chat, voice assistant and social handles, improving lifestyle amenities through shopping offers, gift cards and merchant offers, and ramping up security through customer-friendly features like facial and voice recognition. We help our customers go the extra mile in delivering mobile-first and seamless customer experiences that build loyalty and intimacy.

Microservices and APIs

Microservices help transform banks into enterprises that are highly efficient at leveraging core functions while staying equally responsive at all touchpoints. We help you launch new applications/microservices for products and offerings, building them independent of existing siloed systems and traditional applications. Our proprietary APIs and integrations ensure that the microservices interact with existing systems seamlessly, unlocking enterprise data, and leading to a free-functioning system and superlative digital experience for your partners and customers.

Data Science

Banks and financial services organizations have access to unimaginable amounts of data. Neo banks drive all their business activities online, and have their entire organization built virtually, amassing petabytes and zetabytes of sensitive data.

Today financial data includes lifestyle and psychographic data, purchase data of financial and non-financial products, browsing and search intents, social media insights and brand loyalties. Hexaware employs AI, ML and Advanced Analytics to allow enterprise data to be monetized and used for anticipating needs and purchase propensity, driving campaigns and personalizing customer experience.


More digital touchpoints means more possible access points for cyber criminals. Today customer data is a very expensive commodity, and financial data is even more so. It is very important that banks take all the steps possible to proactively reduce risk, prevent fraud and protect customer data. It is also important to continuously evaluate cyber security strategies and ensure maximum ROI on cyber security investments. Hexaware offers next-gen cyber threat detection and response solutions leveraging fingerprint and facial recognition, and password protection technologies, to name a few.

Hexaware’s Banking Practice consistently improves agility, flexibility, scalability, brand performance and customer trust for our customers.

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