Cyber Security Threat Hunting

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Cyber Security for Banking and Financial Markets

With the unprecedented times as backdrop, cyber crooks and online criminals have increased the scale and frequency of attacks, trying to upend enterprise security arrangements, take advantage of the shifts happening in online behavior and trends, and exploit loopholes created by the rapid digitalization of banking systems.

With the widespread adoption of digital banking processes and the success of Neo banking initiatives, there has been a proliferation in digital touchpoints that not only enable customers to transact with banking systems but also open the doors wide for cyber criminals to sneak in.

In light of all these developments, how does the global banking industry maintain a strong security posture, adopt security process automation and boost its cyber protection arsenal?

Our Approach

We have deep expertise and experience in transforming cyber security in banking and delivering Advanced Threat Protection services to global banks and financial services institutions. Our cyber security consulting services help you build foolproof cyber strategy, resilient cloud architecture and data safeguards.

Cyber security is at the core of our larger Digital Banking services, where we help customers achieve the lighter footprint of mobile-driven consumer-centric banking while ensuring online safety.

Enabling Businesses and Mitigating Risk

Threat hunting transforms you from being an unsuspecting victim to a proactive hunter in identifying and eliminating shady actors and activities in networks and systems. Our threat hunting systems and professionals constantly monitor organizational servers and endpoints for any abnormal activity.

Our threat hunting strategy is layered with integrated defense using state-of-the-art technology platforms to achieve a next-generation Security Operations Center (SOC).

Proactive Threat Discovery

  • Breach and Attack Simulation: Actionable threat intelligence, threat hunting, managed deception and automated continuous attack simulation
  • Continuously identifies attack vectors to your target assets 24 × 7
  • Addresses the whole spectrum of real user behavior and exploits
  • Generates prioritized actionable remediation & insights into security investments
  • Real-time reports and dashboards

Effective Incident Management

  • SIEM Services & Operations: Control integration, process mapping, relevant reporting, operations & continuous improvement
  • Incident Response Automation

Endpoint Detection and Response

  • ML-powered attack prevention & quarantine: Signature-less malware prevention & quarantine
  • Eliminates blind spots by using all your data
  • Reduces dwell time by proactive threat identification

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