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Spread your wings to Bot-i-FY with the Butterfly model

Implementing AI Ops solutions in banks helps gain a competitive advantage. However, configuring the AI Ops platform to the banking landscape isn’t the end of story. For ideal results, it is important to understand the patterns of usage in your bank, the challenges faced, and the service utilization by the customers. Once the gap is identified, how can the customer satisfaction index be elevated with AI in banking and finance?

Metamorphose with the Butterfly model

Hexaware’s proprietary Butterfly model proposes a 9-step journey based on the concept of Think First, Machine Next and Automate Right.

The first 5 steps focus on business and functionality while the last 4 steps are technology specific.

Decoding the 9 stages of the Butterfly model

How does Hexaware help?

We analyze your portfolio, suggest improvements, and finally provide assistance to incorporate AI Ops use cases in your operations. Our Butterfly model can help you BOT-i-FY your enterprise seamlessly.

Our persona-based journeys driven by a business context helps banks to inject AI into their operations.

The first 5 steps of the 9-step process is completely driven based on the business context leveraging our deep domain expertise, while the remaining 4 steps are fulfilled by our AI platform

  is Hexaware’s framework for automation which provides an integrated experience.

How can banks benefit with the Butterfly model?

Implementing this model enables an ecosystem that helps banks migrate from service / operating level agreements to business level agreements, and finally from business level agreements to experience level agreements. We also believe that the model can be a precursor to propagate better IT-Business alignment and ensure 10 % increase in the peace of mind index since implementation.

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