CRM for Corporate Banking: Digital Modernization for Enhanced CX  CRM for Corporate Banking: Digital Modernization for Enhanced CX 

CRM for Corporate Banking: Digital Modernization for Enhanced CX 

Digital modernization for a major Saudi bank, using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to streamline processes and enhance customer onboarding.


Our client is a leading Saudi Arab corporate and institutional bank focused on offering services in retail, investment, commercial, private, and Islamic banking with over 80 branches across Saudi Arabia and outside, making it one of the three major Saudi banks. With several acquisitions in recent years, it has had exponential customer base growth. For corporate banking, some of its primary services include business loans, liquidity and cash management, contract financing, receivables, and trade financing. 


Our client faced difficulty providing frictionless customer experience and client lifecycle management. From onboarding to customer service, most customer-facing processes and repetitive tasks required manual efforts, which became time-consuming. Furthermore, following a merger with another bank of similar size, our client’s customer base was expected to grow exponentially, leading to additional operational challenges.  

Business Challenges: 

  • Lengthy onboarding processes, along with a significant delay in converting investments into actual revenue, caused a substantial loss in revenue. 
  • Ensuring compliance with stringent regulations increased the complexity and high cost of onboarding customers. 
  • Lack of a defined framework or process for sustained compliance with know your customer (KYC), anti-money laundering (AML), and license requirements. 

Tech Challenges: 

  • The unavailability of mobile applications restricted relationship managers (RMs) in efficiently handling customer service and conducting on-the-go sales. 
  • The lack of a single source of truth across divisions hindered identifying cross-selling and up-selling opportunities and generating customer insights. 
  • The unavailability of a comprehensive customer 360-degree outlook restricted RMs from understanding clients’ needs and thus resulted in a dearth of personalized services. 
  • Siloed systems for client lifecycle management required considerable manual data entry to ensure data consistency across systems, resulting in an increase in effort, time, and errors. 

These challenges resulted in loss of efficiency, limited opportunities, and fragmented customer experiences. 

What the Client Needed: 

The client sought immediate changes to their technology infrastructure to transform their customer relationship management (CRM) system and all customer-facing processes. The client sought to: 

  • Revamp its processes for regulatory compliance, including AML, KYC, and credit score verifications. 
  • Convert to digital onboarding processes for individuals and organizations with subscriptions for ongoing services and products. 
  • Develop a capability for two-way communication between the CRM, other banks, and external applications. 
  • Utilize data and analytics to generate insights to identify cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. 
  • Implement a smart RM portal and dashboard for real-time visibility and sales pipeline management. 
  • Develop a mobile application for RMs and sales teams to access critical information and initiate processes on the go. 
  • Empower employees with tools for end-to-end management of the loan lifecycle. 
  • Develop processes for automated monitoring of client KYC and other document updates. 
  • Design a visually appealing and user-friendly GUI for internal users of the CRM. 
  • Provide RMs and sales staff access to a consolidated 360-degree view of their customers containing comprehensive information on client business and new opportunities. 


Hexaware partnered with this corporate banking giant client to do what we do best — utilize cutting-edge technologies and intelligent innovations to help create superior experiences for our customers’ customers and employees. 

Being a Microsoft GOLD partner, we leveraged Microsoft Dynamics CRM and its technology stack to provide our client with a robust solution that surpassed expectations. Hexaware was able to address the client’s requirements through the following solutions: 

  • A tailored customer onboarding process 
  • Well-strategized loan lifecycle management 
  • Insights-based customer service leveraging redesigned customer process 
  • Mobile app, user interface (UI), and CRM system enhancements featuring a user-friendly outlook 

A key goal of our engagement was to implement tailored onboarding processes for each offering, ensuring minimal redundancy in data and document collection. 


Streamlined Customer Onboarding 
Reduction in customer onboarding time from 3–4 weeks to an average of 2–3 days. 

Rapid CRM Growth 
140% quarterly increase in deals being reported and closed through the CRM system. 

Quicker Service Request Processing 
50% reduction in time to process customer service requests. 

Sales Pipeline Visibility  
Real-time visibility into the sales pipeline of over 34,000 active accounts. 

Other Benefits: 

  • Significant improvement in customer experience 
  • Increased adoption of the CRM system among internal users, as they started to recognize it as a critical tool for sales and customer service. 


Hexaware collaborated with a leading Saudi Arabian corporate bank facing challenges in customer experience and client lifecycle management, exacerbated by a recent merger and rapid customer base growth. The business and tech challenges included lengthy onboarding, compliance complexities, and technological gaps. 

The client sought immediate changes, aiming to revamp processes for regulatory compliance, digital onboarding, and improved communication. Hexaware, a Microsoft GOLD partner, leveraged Microsoft Dynamics CRM, offering tailored onboarding, strategic loan lifecycle management, insights-based customer service, and enhanced mobile app and CRM system features. 

The impressive results included streamlined onboarding, a 140% quarterly increase in closed deals, a 50% reduction in service request processing time, and real-time sales pipeline visibility for over 34,000 accounts. The transformation improved customer experience and increased CRM adoption among internal users. 

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