Mobile App Testing: Automation and Performance Testing for a Leading Global Bank  Mobile App Testing: Automation and Performance Testing for a Leading Global Bank 

Mobile App Testing: Automation and Performance Testing for a Leading Global Bank 

Transforming the mobile app testing process for a private bank, encompassing performance, integration, and user acceptance testing, for substantial time savings and increased test coverage.


The client is a leading US-based private bank with a global presence. It provides personalized wealth management services to ultra-high-net-worth clients, including entrepreneurs and senior corporate executives. 


The client had two private banking mobile apps—one for bankers and another for clients—that were compatible with the latest iOS devices. Both apps had monthly feature enhancement releases. 

A regression suite of 210 test cases had to be manually executed during each monthly release cycle across three regions (US, APAC, and EMEA) and two test environments: integrated system testing (IST) and user acceptance testing (UAT). The client wanted to reduce the lengthy regression testing time so that they could use that time for other release activities. 

Slide highlight text: The client aimed to streamline and optimize their monthly regression testing process for two private banking mobile apps, allowing for more efficient use of time and resources during release cycles. 


The client engaged Hexaware to conceptualize and provide a testing strategy to address its business challenges. Hexaware evaluated various test automation tools and frameworks and recommended Eggplant for mobile test automation and performance testing based on its key capabilities. 

The key features of the solution were as follows: 

  • Created an efficient and easy-to-maintain hybrid framework (Eggplant + LoadRunner) to support test automation and performance testing 
  • Made test scripts reusable across different test environments and regions consisting of common business scenarios 
  • Automated testing to validate the data-driven functional behavior of the apps 
  • Created a reusable regression test suite for future upgrades and maintenance 
  • Conducted mobile device-level performance testing using the automation framework to identify response times (including the page rendering time), which helped to pinpoint client-side performance issues 
  • Proposed using a tool for localization testing, as the apps supported multiple languages 
  • Delivered two iOS-compatible apps, two test environments (IST and UAT), and 210 automated test cases encompassing three regions (US, APAC, and EMEA) 


  • 60%+ reduction in test execution effort by automating functional and device-level performance testing using the same script and runtime for both types of testing 
  • 20% lower script development effort due to the framework’s built-in script portability 
  • 50% faster regression testing cycles across regions and test environments 

Other benefits included: 

  • Enhanced test coverage 
  • Support for automated desktop web application testing using image recognition, apart from automated mobile app testing 
  • The testing tool and the framework were also used for foreign language and localization testing of the mobile app 


Hexaware helped the client transform mobile app testing by implementing an automated testing and performance optimization solution. Leveraging capabilities like portability, reusable components, and device-level performance insight, Hexaware enabled an over 50% reduction in regression testing time. The client could reinvest these savings into higher-value release activities. Hexaware’s solution also provided a foundation for ongoing enhancements like web app testing and localization. 

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