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Digitally Transforms Asset & Wealth Management Operations

Emerging from the aftermath of a financial crisis, the asset and wealth management industry faces various challenges from demanding and risk-averse investors, rising costs, market volatilities, and increasing regulatory scrutiny. Competing for market share in this challenging environment is forcing industry players to redefine their operational strategy. Enterprises are increasingly turning focus to enhance customer experiences through unified omnichannel platforms while leveraging data analytics to identify cross-selling opportunities and improving client portfolio management.

What we offer

Hexaware offers innovative asset management and wealth management solutions that enable enterprises to optimize their middle and back office systems and operations, by consolidating and re-architecting their infrastructure. Our Enterprise Data Management along with the output-based managed services models, help businesses reduce costs, enhance data management, define digital utilities and implement and manage COTS products, across their lifecycle.

Here is a quick look at how we have helped some of our global customers:

  • Optimized middle and back office operations by leveraging Hexaware’s Enterprise Data Management services.
  • Digitally transformed operations of a leading asset management firm through innovative ITO and BPS service offerings.
  • Leveraged data analytics, Big Data and AI/ML to re-architect solutions to optimize trade lifecycle for several clients.

Digital disruption has made meaningful inroads in the financial services sector post the 2008 recession era. However, the current digital transformation in financial services has not managed to start a broader revolution. Fintech companies, 3rd party financial products and the arrival of blockchain have forced the financial services industry to relook at their existing business model. The appearance of stringent data sharing regulations globally has left the current financial technology yearning for robust functionalities. The new user is an empowered digital native who can transact via self-service and operate peer-to-peer without any intrusion from a commercial entity.

Hexaware’s vision is to empower the financial services industry with its robust Digital Component Framework (DCF) that safeguards their digital transformation program.

DCF brings a distinguished sense of comfort to an industry succumbing to the wave of aggressive Fintech players and uninterested customers.

The DCF takes an inside-out approach to address vital aspects of digital transformation journey considering:

  • Smart digitalization of complex processes within Corporate Actions, Client Onboarding, KYC, Trade Processing, Underwriting etc.
  • The best data outcomes by managing and integrating unstructured and structured data
  • Advanced analytics to promote important investment decisions
  • Intuitive Chatbots for next-gen customer communication
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for laborious transactional processes

It is time to unleash a new dimension in digital transformation by harnessing automation capabilities and exceeding customer expectations with Hexaware’s Digitalization Component Framework.

In a digitally disrupted and hyper-competitive marketplace, banks and financial institutions (FIs) that adopt innovative, client-centric solutions to maximize operational efficiency and enhance customer experience, will emerge as clear winners.

What we offer

Hexaware combines technology and domain expertise to provide end-to-end asset management and wealth management solutions, perfectly aligned with our clients’ business context and requirements. Our integrated solutions blend the front, middle, and back office functions (as highlighted in Figure 1) to ensure a seamless and differentiated experience for our customers, comprising of global FIs, trade associations, institutional assets, and mutual fund managers. Our wide-ranging expertise covers portfolio and mutual fund accounting, in addition to wealth and data management.

Front Office Middle Office Back Office
  • Portfolio Management
  • Trade execution
  • Pre and post trade compliance
  • Pricing & analytics
  • Broker integration
  • Custodian integration
  • Risk management
  • Compliance reconciliation
  • Position management
  • P&L allocation
  • Client onboarding
  • Reference data management
  • Market data solutions
  • Portfolio accounting
  • Settlement confirmation
  • Wealth management
  • Client reporting
  • Performance measurement attribution
  • Compliance
  • Fund accounting & risk management

Figure 1: Hexaware’s Integrated Solutions

Value Delivered

  • Improvement in operational efficiency by 20% through digital asset management for a multi-boutique asset management firm. The services included data consolidation from over 16 TAs and the integration of sales management assets with content management systems.
  • Reduction in operational costs by 30% through business- process-driven transformation. The project involved consolidating front office systems, re-architecting the data landscape and integrating with back-office systems, in a hybrid cloud environment.

The asset and wealth management industry is witnessing radical changes, underpinned by tightened regulatory mandates, demanding tech-savvy investors and complex mergers and acquisitions. Retaining market share in this environment calls for new operating models and digital transformation that focusses on enhancing customer experience and trust. The industry today relies heavily on several front, middle and back office COTS products, especially SaaS-based hosted COTS solutions.

What We Offer

Hexaware’s deep domain expertise, coupled with leading vendor partnerships enable clients to customize, implement and test COTS products in both – hosted and non-hosted environments. Our service offerings span across consultation, implementation, customization, integration and domain-led testing services, besides 24×7 production support.

Our Products Expertise

COTS Products Expertise

Figure 2: Hexaware’s Product Expertise

Value Delivered

  • 40% reduction in operational cost by implementing the Eagle suite of products for a leading custodian bank.
  • 20% reduction in testing cost-through-application of automation test accelerator for Charles River implementation and upgrades.
  • Significant reduction in time-to-market through MEDM CoE implementation, for a global multi-manager asset management firm.

Enterprise Data Management

The requirements of doing business in today’s complex financial environment are becoming increasingly clear. Evolving economic and regulatory requirements are compelling global financial institutions to minimize risk while ensuring superior financial performance. Growing market volatility amplifies the importance of making informed decisions in real time. However, poor data quality and unstructured formats not only impair decision making but also make it challenging to ensure regulatory compliance, eventually leading to overall inefficiencies.

Banks and financial institutions need robust data management to ensure accurate, consistent data and reliable business insights. Efficient data management also makes increased flexibility a reality that brings optimized outcomes and return on investment (ROI), while minimizing risks and costs.

What We Offer

Combining innovative technology and deep domain expertise, Hexaware offers end-to-end investment data management solutions (as shown in Figure 1). Our suite of offerings comprises of comprehensive data management capabilities across front, middle and back office requirements. The solutions encompass market data feeds, including; security, intraday and end-of-day pricing, corporate action and analytics, client data, portfolio, trade and compliance reporting, reconciliation, data governance, and Big Data management – across different asset classes.

Value Delivered

Our proprietary tools and extensive experience in investment data management, help in accelerating and improving process efficiencies while reducing implementation efforts by at least 20% for clients.

Banking and Financial Services Framework

Figure 1: Hexaware offering framework

Platform Consolidations

Hexaware with its extensive experience has developed proprietary tools, which accelerates and improves process efficiency and reduces implementation efforts by at least 20%.
Here are Hexaware’s proprietary tools and frameworks:

Hexaware Proprietary/ Framework Tools Features
Data Dictionary and metadata summit for investment business information
Transactional recon process for identifying matches, mismatches, and discrepant data
Business intelligence metadata foundation tool that creates semantic layers such as, universes and models
XML-based query engine for data integration & maintaining ETL coding standards, and locating coding errors
Metadata-based analysis tool within any BI environment for determining duplicate reports, dead variables, and sub-set related reports
A scalable, flexible, integrated data model, for implementing dashboard, reports, and analytics, that helps in improving the quality and time to market

In a volatile investment management landscape, characterized by evolving regulatory requirements and customer demands, timely and accurate data helps asset managers stay competitive. With investors demanding greater transparency, there is a growing demand for smarter risk management of discretionary mandates and timely reports on performance attribution at a granular level, to tailor risk profiles and meet individual client needs. Asset managers also need comprehensive risk data on a broader set of assets, including alternative assets. Similarly, traders are looking to make quick trading decisions, by leveraging real-time data from markets, combined with accurate internal data. Robust risk analytics, underpinned by efficient data models and tools, enhanced data security, as well as, efficient data visualization and portability, is the key to meeting these goals.

Leveraging its deep domain expertise in Enterprise Data Management, Hexaware provides high-end cloud-based integrated managed services pack. We enable in-memory analytics, dashboarding and self-service reporting, to furnish accurate data and insights. Our analytics and reporting services drive superior performance and analytics implementation, along with efficient operational and maintenance support. By leveraging our strong global partnerships, platform agnostic services and proprietary tools and methodologies (as shown in Figure 1), we effectively support analytics and reporting implementations.

Our reporting solution delivers scalable, flexible and integrated data model that reduces redundancy, cost, and manual workarounds. It solves the problems of traditional data warehouses, enabling quicker and easier access to business data, including high-quality dimensional data with corresponding hierarchies. The solution also improves quality and time-to-market for implementing dashboards and reports.

Value Delivered

Our team of experts enables report optimization and accelerate implementation by ~ 40%, using pre-built and ad hoc IP. By employing a hybrid on-premise/cloud model, we segregate client IP by the level of security required, to maintain high levels of security for proprietary IP. Additionally, our standardized and integrated analytics platforms facilitate 50% cost reduction. We also provide client access via vendors to emerging technologies, including social media, mobility, NoSQL, Data bus, and open APIs.
Hexaware is platform-agnostic and works with the client and third-party platforms. It employs proprietary methodologies, partnerships, and tools in support of analytics and reporting implementations.
Hexaware uses the below-listed proprietary tools to enable value creation for customers:

Managed Reporting Services

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