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Delivering Innovation & Next-gen Solutions

Cloudify Everything™ is one amongst Hexaware’s three strategic themes for realizing the digital future and aiding in development of next-generation solutions for our customers. We leverage our deep industry understanding and Google’s expertise to build verticalized solutions. Aligning with our core strategy, we are proud to be the Service, Sell and Build Partner with Google Cloud Platform. GCP is our youngest and fastest growing partnership. Our strategic association combines Google’s cutting-edge technology and Hexaware’s proven abilities to help solve complex transformation challenges through automated cloud solutions.

We accelerate digital transformations and deliver next-generation solutions that help our customers realize their digital strategies.

  • Innovate

    We combine the power of GCP with our expertise for providing a complete range of services that support our client’s abilities in adopting and leveraging cloud for “new to market” and “new to organization” innovations

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  • Accelerate

    We help customers achieve transformation at scale through automated assessments, industrialized migration and our IP tools

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  • Manage

    Manage your data and applications on Google Cloud by leveraging highly integrated tools and best practices

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Data Modernization and AI/ML

Data is the new currency that fuels digital transformation. Today, AI/ML is not just about POC, it is also about creating a competitive advantage. However, because of the complexity, data remains in silo and mostly on-prem, which may not provide the needed speed and scale for successful data models.

With years of experience, Hexaware understands the underlying complexities and challenges while migrating data, thus, we have built data migration and analytics services for Google Cloud that are designed to accelerate the transformation of data and analytics workloads.

We specialize in providing a holistic approach for end-to-end data transformation – from discovery, acquisition, quality assessment and scoring to transformation and reconciliation. Our approach helps our customers derive intelligent insights and take informed business decisions. 

Our Approach

  1. Migration Frameworks and Methodology
  2. Customized Industry Solutions
  3. Hexaware’s AmazeTM for Data to enable automated and accelerated transformation


Failures are much harder to predict, and it takes no time for these failures to cause outages. In 2019 “an enterprise lost up to $5M because of server downtime worldwide” on an average as per Statista. Compounded by rare but disruptive real-world events, these situations can turn out to be more chaotic and uncontrolled, causing the business appalling costs. That being so, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity have become the highest priority during present times.

At Hexaware, we leverage the concept of Chaos Engineering wherein failure injection is carried out to provide tested resilience on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for effective Disaster Recovery (DR). We ensure regular backup of your data by replicating it and transferring timely updates through Google Cloud Platform services. Hosting DR on cloud provides significant cost savings vis-a-vis DR on-premise.

Our Approach

  1. Build a TCO business case for cost savings through cloud
  2. Resilience assessment through Chaos Engineering
  3. Customized industry solutions
  4. Technical compatibility check for migrating DR to GCP

Hybrid & Multi Cloud with Anthos

While we see progressive cloud adoption in enterprises, most of the critical data and business critical applications remain in on-premise data centers or spread across multiple public clouds leading to challenges in terms of siloed data, security loopholes and increasing cost of administration. An IT strategy with a single plane of view and consistency across the IT landscape is essential.

With technical expertise across all public cloud and result-driven methodology, Hexaware powered Google Anthos helps customers overcome these demanding challenges. Google Cloud’s Anthos allows enterprises to build, run and manage applications anywhere (on-premise or cloud) enabling a seamless hybrid cloud environment for the first time ever.

Our Approach

  1. Result-driven Methodology
  2. Customized Industry Solutions
  3. Expertise in Kubernetes, Docker, Containers and advanced technologies

Technical experts across major hyperscalers (AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM Cloud, etc.)

Mainframe on Google Cloud

Many businesses still rely on mainframes for mission-critical workloads, but time and again mainframe systems have shown their inability to handle the spikes in load. Outdated development processes, tools and longer release cycles associated with mainframes are inadequate to meet the speed of business needs. These increasing challenges escalate the urgency, the unprecedented need to transform the mainframe systems on cloud. But moving mainframe and its ecosystem to cloud is often a very complex undertaking, which is where Hexaware’s expertise and Google Cloud Platform services come in. With years of proven industry experience in solving complex problems, we have an excellent track record in automating the migration of these legacy processes into cloud-native services in order to manage them better within a containerized environment.

Unique features of migrating to Google Cloud

  1. Migration roadmap development: Assess the entire mainframe environment, detect the macro and the microservices and define the roadmap to a modern services architecture, making it easy to plan your path to the cloud.
  2. Conversion flexibility (“any-to-any”): Convert any language to any other language and any database to any other database to prepare your applications for modern environments.

Automated data migration: Easily move your mainframe data, unlock its value to drive new innovative use cases in data analytics and data warehousing. 


Smart COCO on google Cloud

Hexaware also introduces the innovative and employee-friendly interactive solution, Smart COCO, for enterprise application access on the go. This smart bot provides seamless customer and employee experiences and makes the user experience conversational. This solution is built on Google Cloud Dialogflow that transitions from mobile to an AI driven conversational layer. Employees can raise leave requests, request technical assistance and check their payroll details anywhere, anytime.


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