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How Amaze® Can Help You Effectively Plan Your DC Exit


March 9, 2023

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, traditional data centers are no longer viable for companies looking to stay competitive. A strategic exit is necessary to alleviate the financial burden and difficulties of running a data center. However, this process is complex and requires extensive knowledge and experience. As a company looks to begin its digital transformation journey, it is crucial to choose a reliable partner that can help accelerate the journey with minimal impact on the business.

Each enterprise faces unique challenges when planning for a data center exit.

Fig 1- Data Center Exit Challenges.

Rushing a data center exit without a strategic plan and a comprehensive infrastructure assessment can cause significant disruptions. It is essential to assess the IT infrastructure to determine if any outdated operating systems, legacy databases, security flaws, or compliance issues must be addressed before migrating to the cloud.

Leveraging Amaze® to Automate Your Data Center Migration Journey 

Regardless of an organization’s challenges during a data center exit strategy, Hexaware’s IP platform, amaze® for Infrastructure can help avoid stumbling blocks. It offers a clear and concise decision framework that addresses various critical factors such as where to begin, gathering and reconciling infrastructure and app information, cost savings, standards and compliance requirements for cloud governance, and more. It also performs a smart portfolio rationalization of the IT infrastructure and creates a priority-based migration plan and agile wave group plan considering multiple R treatments. It divides the data center exit journey into three phases.

Fig 2- Data Center Exit Phases

1. Discovery, Assessment, and Sizing

In this phase, amaze® uses a data-driven approach to capture complete system information, evaluates current capabilities, and forecasts future requirements. It then leverages its AI-based technology to analyze the data and determine where to begin.

2. Cloud Foundation or Landing Zone Creation

This phase addresses the drawbacks of the traditional approach by creating landing zones and setting up the base of the pyramid. It establishes the entire foundation of the hybrid cloud in advance by provisioning cloud prerequisites before migrating.

3. Migrate, Test, and Deploy

In the final phase, amaze® offers much more than a “lift and shift” approach to migration. By thoroughly assessing the IT infrastructure, it identifies the necessary adjustments and improvements and migrates applications and infrastructure accordingly. It performs thorough testing to ensure everything works as intended and deploys the new infrastructure.

The Outcomes of the Amaze® DC Exit Process

The amaze® platform automates and accelerates the DC exit process by devising a customized cloud roadmap and cutting down repetitive steps like configuration, replication, and launch. Here are the outcomes of the process:

  • Averting excessive or inadequate investment
  • Projection of future requirements
  • Defining a detailed application target state for each application
  • Multiphase cloud migration plan aligning with  business needs
  • Calculating the short, medium, and long-term impact of TCO
  • Estimating the timeline, effort, and budget
  • Reduction in technical debt

In conclusion, a data center exit is essential to any company’s digital transformation journey. By choosing the right partner and leveraging a comprehensive tool like amaze®, companies can avoid many common pitfalls and achieve a successful data center exit that sets them up for success in the cloud.

About the Author

Chirag Khanijau

Chirag Khanijau

As a global technology leader, Chirag has guided Fortune 500 brands in using the power of the cloud and automation technologies to transform their businesses. As Hexaware’s leader for Cloud Strategy and Platforms (North America), he has led many innovative technology programs for clients providing a full stack of cloud services spanning strategy, industry-specific cloud journeys, cloud data, migration, and modernization. In the past, Chirag has helped over 50 global customers while leading the digital transformation and cloud programs for IBM and DXC.

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