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Why Customer Engagement?

Customer Engagement is the emotional connection between a customer and a brand.
Highly engaged customers buy more, promote more, and demonstrate more loyalty.
Providing a high-quality customer experience is an important component in your customer engagement strategy.

Our Partnerships

The Customer Engagement How?

Our multi-faceted, interconnected approach gives us the unique opportunity of lending our expertise
to our clients through the entire lifecycle of the customer journey.

Experience Studio

Informed by strategy and realized by design, our practice challenges conventional assumptions to create disruptive, digital-driven experiences. 

We create experiences that are sophisticated, scalable, and intriguing. Our design team works with businesses to drive innovation, identify opportunities, and solve complex user problems through effective storyboarding and creative solutioning.

Together with our clients, we create desirable user experiences that transform lives and businesses. We use data-driven human insights gathered through our design thinking approach and innovative frameworks.

Key Services –

  • User research and site analytics
  • Persona and scenario modelling
  • Customer journey staging
  • Strategic roadmaps and frameworks
  • Information architecture
  • Wire-framing and prototyping
  • Heuristic evaluation
  • User-centered design with design-led approach
  • Website accessibility
  • Experience strategy and design
  • Concept development
  • Interactive and device agnostic designing
  • Customer and channel planning
  • Brand and content strategy
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Customer Engagement Services

Customers today are defined and transformed by the extraordinary circumstances brought on by the pandemic; they crave security, familiarity and transparency. A brand that is able to present a humane, credible and dependable persona will win the loyalty of customers.

Hexaware’s Customer Engagement Services helps enterprises build a successful experience strategy with exceptional empathy and understanding of customers at its core. We help organizations gauge customer sentiments, anticipate customer expectations and identify challenges to innovate and pivot, and succeed in the next normal economy.

From Discovery to Implementation to Ongoing Support, we  ensure that you, your employees, and your customers get the most value out of CRM platforms and are able to increase customer engagement.

Hexaware offers:

Strategy:  Define CX strategy & roadmap, leverage data to drive business decisions, define business case and RO

Experience Design: Envision omnichannel experiences through human-centric design and deep UX research

Engineering: Extend, build, innovate using future tech in meaningful ways, leveraging Agile processes

Managed Services: Gain Business efficiency with automation, connected data and real-time customer intelligence

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Employee Engagement Services

Employee experience has entered a new phase, marked by the ability to work from anywhere and anytime. Employees today are no longer tied to any physical location or geographical infrastructure. With almost all systems and processes in the cloud, employees now enjoy freedom and mobility. But with mobility comes a host of challenges, including ability to access information in real-time and cybersecurity threats.

Hexaware’s Employee Engagement Services help organizations empower employees to function optimally, and increase efficiency and productivity. We help bring IT systems and infrastructure up to speed with current and emerging demands, while ensuring cost savings, minimal capital investments and maximum security.

Hexaware offers:

Strategy: Define EX strategy & roadmap, leverage data to drive business decisions, define business case and RO

Experience Design: Envision omnichannel experiences through human-centric design and deep UX research

Engineering: Extend, build, innovate using future tech in meaningful ways, leveraging Agile processes

Managed Services: Gain business efficiency with automation, connected data and real time customer intelligence

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Enable Low Code/No Code

Beyond the countless products and service offerings lies a true differentiator, and that is experience. The importance of customer experience in helping create brand differentiation and loyalty has never been in question. The pandemic, however, has heightened the significance of delivering positive experiences for customers across digital touchpoints.

With fewer resources, decreased budgets and increased expectations, enterprises are faced with new challenges in delivering seamless app capabilities across multiple devices. Low-code or no-code applications have quickly emerged as the go-to solution for meeting evolving business needs.

Low-code/no-code application development or citizen development caters to modern day demands for fast development cycles and rapid speed to market, enabling business users to create apps with little to no programming or development skills.

Citizen development bridges the gaps between businesses and customers as soon as they appear, helping deliver consistent and delightful customer experiences. Omnichannel experiences, key to superior customer engagement, can be accelerated by leveraging low-code/no-code application development platforms.

Hexaware enables organizations to choose the right low-code/no-code development strategy and fast-track their digital transformation journeys.

Hexaware Offers:

Strategy:  Define Low Code/No Code strategy, tool selection and employee enablement

Governance Design: Enable governance for Citizen development

Engineering: Enable environment and enablement

Managed Services: Support on-going governance and CoE to drive time-to-market

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Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing practice focuses on developing, adapting, and fulfilling brand campaigns. We also produce and execute assets across all media channels and markets. Having established regional hubs in various cities across the world gives us the opportunity to work on-site at our clients’ locations and deliver services. This flexibility gives our clients the advantage of leveraging digital channels that can tactically improve campaign effectiveness and impact.

As a practice, we work towards creating value in every customer interaction. Our customer journey models, experiences and content, and CRM platforms serve as testaments of what we bring to the table—and these offerings barely scratch the surface of our capabilities

We also facilitate evolution of enterprise IT and leverage data for strategic advancements. Supporting real-time marketing, and driving revenue through reimagined, digitized commerce and retail channels makes us an all-inclusive avenue in the realm of digital marketing.

Key Services:

  • Creative & Content Production
    • Mapping the foundation
    • Building structure
    • Understanding the audience
    • Testing & refining
    • Content production
    • Branding
    • UI design
  • Campaign Execution Services
    • Targeting & optimization
    • Campaign management
    • Email Marketing Solutions
    • Campaign Performance Reporting & Lead Management
    • Omni-Channel Campaign Orchestration
    • Digital Marketing Compliant Execution
  • Campaign Reporting, Analytics, ROI
    • Conversion analytics
    • Behavior analytics
      • Acquisition analytics
      • eCommerce
      • Audience analytics
      • Campaign performance reports
      • Ad-Hoc reports
      • Executive dashboards
    • Marketing Automation Consulting & Execution
      • Generating Actionable Social Insight
      • Reporting Automation
      • Campaign Workflow Automation
      • Automate elements
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Low-code, No-code platforms: A New approach to Customer Experience

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