Establishing a Modern Digital Banking Experience Establishing a Modern Digital Banking Experience

Establishing a Modern Digital Banking Experience


The bank identified the opportunity to provide a more convenient financial solution for a specific client segment. The objective was to introduce an entirely new, fully digital banking solution. By crafting comprehensive, personalized financial solutions centered around customer needs and aligning products with their lifestyles, the bank aimed to offer customers convenient tools to achieve their financial objectives.


The team faced several key challenges, including:

  • Conducting thorough research on the new target market to understand their goals, challenges, concerns, and aspirations.
  • Devising a success strategy and monitoring execution against key KPIs.
  • Developing an engaging and technically flexible design.
  • Establishing a high standard platform for the future


The bank collaborated with a team of strategists, creatives, and engineers to conceptualize and develop a new digital bank. The team constructed the first cloudbased digital bank in the Middle East to cater to the increasing demand from the target group. The focus was consistently on creating a customer-centric solution that addressed overall financial health beyond banking. The team initiated the project by defining an initial value proposition and enterprise architecture design. This strategic planning uncovered any process friction, enabling effective resolution during the digital bank’s development. Leveraging a leading digital-first banking software, the project seamlessly integrated data and


Hexaware is proud to have contributed to this digital banking project, resulting in a user-friendly platform that offers a transparent overview of finances. The new banking app facilitates goal-oriented saving with easy budget setting. Additional features include simplified bill splitting through payment requests and a 24/7 in-app smart chat assistant for customer assistance.

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