Empowering Digital Identity Empowering Digital Identity

Empowering Digital Identity

Financial services company


The company’s aim was to offer consumers a secure, speedy, and reliable method of storing and sharing personal data, enabling organizations to efficiently collect necessary information from customers or employees.


Cybercrime is on the rise, with identity theft affecting many people. Once personal data is stolen, it is often traded, sold, and misused for criminal purposes. Identity theft has substantial financial implications, with victims incurring out-of-pocket costs. The company aimed to address and mitigate the risks associated with identity fraud and reduce financial crime.


Hexaware assisted the company by designing and creating a personalized digital identity solution for easy and secure storage and sharing of essential data. The collaboration included expert guidance, UX design, and strategic support, ensuring GDPR compliance and minimizing fraud risks for organizations receiving verified data. Hexaware actively participated throughout the innovation journey, engaging from the initial phase of identifying challenges to the later phase of crafting viable solutions. This involvement encompassed activities such as conducting market research, formulating business cases, and developing MVP’s.


The innovative digital solution fights identity fraud, streamlines processes, and boosts efficiency. The identity solution prioritizes consumer privacy, providing transparency and explicit consent for each transaction. It ensures GDPR compliance for organizations. The company aims to be the top choice offering a secure digital identity solution for everyday use.


Key points:

  • Mobile digital identity solution.
  • QR code for easy data sharing.
  • Developed with Hexaware for security.
  • Enhances privacy and fights identity fraud.
  • Streamlines transactions, ensuring GDPR compliance.

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