Optimizing Spend @Cloud
  • Optimizing Spend @Cloud

    • Is it possible that you are spending more on cloud than you need to?

    • Is your cloud budgetary planning becoming a nightmare?

    • Are you finding it difficult to realize your Cloud RoI?

    • Are you looking for automated solutions to reduce cloud costs and make processes faster?

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A survey states that companies are spending, on an average, 36% more on cloud than they need. This has led to application performance degradation, over provisioning of the cloud resources, increased staffing and complexity of managing these environments and most of all, a very unplanned and unexpected cloud bill.

Hexaware has been pioneering the industry to create a Cloud Optimization service owing to its expertise of design and infrastructure management. As part of Cloud Operation support mechanism, we have developed an Optimizing Spend@Cloud suite to help optimize and manage cloud cost. This suite caters to enterprises, managed service providers, and resellers, enabling them to lower the cloud costs, increase profit and maintain a secure infrastructure.

What We Offer

    How We Enable Cost Saving

  • Cloud Spend Optimization

    Predictive Analysis for actionable recommendations

  • Right Cloud Sizing

    Resource right sizing recommendations based on utilization of individual resources

  • Cost Best Practice

    Automated response and control of best practices – Infosec adherence

  • Compliance Management

    Efficacy improvement of security, compliance, customer reporting, logging & tracking

Want to save cloud spend by 40% annually? Contact Us.

Enabling IT in utilizing the full potential of Cloud while keeping their budgets in check

Allow us to perform an analysis of your cloud spend and resources over 2 weeks and publish reports and analysis highlighting the areas for optimization of cloud spend.


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Delivering total visibility and making the most of your Cloud Infrastructure

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Security & Identity

Several security monitoring checks and pre-built alerts allow users to customize its quantitative parameters and remediation through a number of cloud technologies. The platform’s Identity and Access Management enables Enterprises to ensure appropriate access to technology resources.

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Continuous Configuration Automation

Large number of built-in remediation capabilities through its ‘Fix Now’ (or ‘Fix Automatically’) feature which users can deploy to enforce configuration compliance on a continual basis.

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Governance & Policy

More than 550 Best Practice Checks – dynamically mapped to 35+ compliance frameworks – to assist in maintaining compliant configurations and enforcing governance policies at scale.

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Cost Transparency & Optimization

Pre-built Spend Analysis tools and custom cost reporting enables Enterprises to have a financial overview along with visibility and recommendations to optimize associated spends.

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Monitoring & Metering

Customized budget and utilization alerts allowing users to monitor cloud costs based on thresholds and track overall resource inventory and usage metrics.

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Resource Optimization

Providing recommendations in Cost and Resource Optimization including containers to assist in re-sizing & terminating idle, unused and mis-provisioned resources.

Features of Optimizing Spend@Cloud

Optimizing Spend@Cloud Features

Key Benefits

Optimizing Spend@Cloud helps organizations accelerate their digital transformation; scale and deliver more value faster; and increase their business and IT agility. Here are some more benefits:

  • Assurance to reduce cloud spend by 40% annually
  • Better overall operational efficiency
  • Improved governance
  • Increased confidence in cloud security
  • Easier auditing process
  • Better understanding of cloud bills
  • Accurately charging departments for cloud use
  • Minimize or eliminate error-prone manual process
  • Minimize cloud costs with our cloud cost optimization service

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