Accelerated ROI, Reduced Costs, and Superior Software Asset Management with SAM  Accelerated ROI, Reduced Costs, and Superior Software Asset Management with SAM 

Accelerated ROI, Reduced Costs, and Superior Software Asset Management with SAM 

Cost optimization with software asset management


The client is a global information services company operating in over 150 countries across various industry verticals.  It aims to enhance people’s lives through technology and solutions by protecting health and prosperity and aiding in bringing about a safe and just society. 


The client faced multiple challenges in providing efficient services, such as: 

  • Extremely lengthy and time-consuming processes that lead to extra cost, time, and efforts 
  • Lack of appropriate inventory and license tracking resulting in inadequate software licensing 
  • Excessive spending on software products, which led to mismanagement of products 

They wanted an expert solution to resolve all these issues, reduce extra spending, and help manage assets, processes, and accuracy in software inventory and license management. 


Hexaware experts analyzed the pros and cons and implemented the Software Asset Management (SAM) platform with a roadmap for future automation for a clear view of assets and the surrounding software inventory. 

The SAM platform helped upkeep asset inventory and environment while tracking and maintaining all the software licenses and contract databases at one single location. Since SAM is not purely an IT-based process, we helped enable a significant cultural change across the organization and ensured the teams took complete ownership of the processes involved. 


The Hexaware SAM solution helped the client maintain, sustain, and have an accurate and effective inventory and license contract records for various assets and vendors. The primary benefits were: 

  • Significant ROI due to lower costs 
  • Reduction in security risk factors and better inventory oversight 
  • Cost savings due to streamlining of the process for procurement, deployment, allocation, and re-deployment 
  • Creation of a normalized and simplified dashboard of reports that support budgeting of the software licenses 


The global information services company benefited from a holistic solution for managing its software assets. The SAM implementation allowed automation to come into play, improved inventory insights, and enhanced ROI due to lowered costs.  

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