Autonomous IT Operations
  • Autonomous IT Operations

    • Is Work From Home overloading your tier-1 support?

    • Would you like to automate 40-50% of your Service Requests within a quarter?

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Achieve Business Continuity through Automation - Fast and Free

In the age of unprecedented disruption due to the current contagious illness outbreak, working from home or remote locations has become the new normal. It has thus become imperative for future ready organizations to navigate the present by enabling their employees to work remotely, stay productive and connected for sustained business continuity. Organizations that are automation-centric have generally found it a lot easier to handle their still-evolving needs in these times of uncertainty.

Hexaware’s Automation Platform can help bridge the gap

Our automation platform Tensai for AIOps reshapes the way we deliver services seamlessly across the IT landscape. Focused on customer-centric delivery, the emphasis on maximum utilization of digital BOTs enhances the user experience, increases availability and eliminates human error.

And in these times of need when our customers are trying to adapt to the newer realities, we are empowering businesses by offering

Our Automation Platform Free for Rest of The Year

  • WFH specific BOTs free for anyone to deploy and benefit
  • Deployment assistance in the form a DIY kit for ease of use
  • Applicable documentation, workflows, code and XML for the DIY kit
  • Additional assistance with platform / bot deployment
  • Substantially discounted fees for additional assistance

Use cases for Microsoft Services

For a demo or more information on Work from Home BOTs, Contact Us.

Power packed and multi-faceted Automation as a Service (AaaS)

Our AaaS is the perfect solution for challenges faced while managing remote workforce’s access to enterprise applications and the intranet. This platform can be utilized initially for addressing the current business continuity aspects and in the long run it can become the foundation for transforming almost all aspects of the IT infrastructure lifecycle.

Automating Service <br>Requests

Automating Service 

Typical enterprises can auto-fulfill 40-60% of their Service Requests workload by deploying a relevant subset of BOTs from our “Off the shelf” BOTs library. The library helps us to envision and accelerate a holistic automation journey that involves incident prevention, early restoration and automated service requests.

Autonomous IT

Integrating automation in infrastructure management and IT Operations helps drive cost efficiencies, quality improvements, resilience and respond to scaling business needs at optimal costs. A 3 step approach to automation – identify, advise and build & support driven by use cases helps scale the automation journey faster.


Autonomous IT <br>Operations

Tensai for AIOps

Tensai for AIOps is the foundation of Hexaware’s Platform based Service Delivery Model, whether customers’ IT is built or delivered in an on-premise private cloud environment or a hybrid cloud environment.


Our cloud friendly, secure and no strings attached AaaS delivers incredible benefits to customers by accelerating the launch of their applications, helping ensure that the applications run as per business demand and providing excellent levels of performance and availability.

  • Up to 70% automation of incident and service request tickets
  • Up to 90% reduction in mean time taken to resolve incidents
  • Proactive and Predictive resolution for superior customer experience

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