Hybrid Cloud Platform Services

Hybrid Cloud Platform Services

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Platform-based approach accelerates migration to cloud and operate on the cloud by leveraging extreme automation, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities delivered via platform.

Hexaware offers Digital Enterprise Business Platforms as ‘Platform As a Service (PaaS)’ to the customers. Digital Enterprise Business Platforms are the IT products or IT applications which are hosted on-premise or on partner premises. Hexaware has Digital Business Platforms for various industry verticals. Enterprises can subscribe and pay as they go based on the usage of these Digital Business Platforms. We have 5 identified platforms for “Platform as a Service” based models.

Accelerating Migration to Cloud & Build Out

AtoM – Migration

The traditional methods of cloud migration are cumbersome, costly and always involve a lot of downtime. CloudSwift AtoM is a powerful and automated migration tool which saves a lot of time, efforts and costs. Designed and built specifically for cloud migrations to AWS and Azure, AtoM provides high performance and secure workload migrations into the Cloud.

The key value propositions of our tool are:

  • Fast and secure workload migration to Cloud
  • Minimal manual intervention required
  • No impact on the production during migration
  • Minimal downtime of production (downtime only during the final cutover)
  • Complex and bulk migrations

ClickBuild – Build Out

Many organizations consider that infrastructure build is a one-time activity. But with the advent of public cloud and its flexibility, it has become easier for provisioning complex environments within a few minutes. Hexaware has a repository of hundreds of such scripts for AWS, Azure and even VMWare, which can be leveraged by our customers to quickly provision and build environments. Hexaware also has a blueprint studio for creating more custom scripts and cloud agnostic blueprints to suit the customer needs.

With ClickBuild you can:

  • Provision / de-provision dev / test environments mirroring the production environments
  • Rapidly provision complete application stacks
  • Automate time consuming ad ministrator tasks like backup, recovery, etc.

Cloud Operate

Hexaware’s Cloud Operate enables you to expand your cloud strategy and leverage benefits of an enriched package of fully-managed cloud services. You can efficiently manage your cloud resources to ensure they are working optimally and achieve maximum cost savings and business agility.

Cloud Lifecycle Management Platform (CLiP)

Hexaware’s Cloud Lifecycle Management Platform (CLiP) is a self-service cloud management platform that enables customers to run their hybrid cloud application / infrastructure setup in an automated way. The platform aims to provide a unified view by integrating public and private cloud services with the customer’s IT service catalog. This will also provide cloud provisioning services, cloud selection and design enabling governance of the service catalog.

The solution will enable complete end to end business and IT user control including:

  • Ability to consume infrastructure stack or platform choices or application choices through self-service portal
  • Ability to self-manage – reconfigure, decommission, run and change, start, stop or delete
  • Ability to trigger tasks such as backup, restore, snapshot, etc.
  • Ability to manage budgets through show back, chargeback and get complete economics of the required design

Cloud Clarion – Financial Management on Cloud

Public cloud landscape is growing at a faster rate. There is increased impetus on migrating applications from on-prem IT to public cloud as well as all new build on public cloud. This requires a holistic view of the complete environment to help manage, optimize and govern the cloud. Hexaware’s Cloud Clarion generates a complete picture of the cloud environment including billing details, multi-accounts, resources, configurations, permissions, changes and provides recommendations to help optimize the cloud costs.

Key features of Hexaware’s Cloud Clarion tool:

  • Spend optimization
  • Right sizing recommendations
  • TCO reduction
  • Security and compliance management
  • Best practice check

Tensai for AIOps

Tensai for AIOps is an end-to-end automation platform which aims at adding value to an organization’s managed services. This platform provides operational optimization, efficient system surveillance, drastically reduced MTTRs and an overall revamped and better experience for users, at much lower costs to the company.

Key features of Hexaware’s Tensai for AIOps:

  • Automatically maps the relationship between applications and infrastructure in a non-intrusive manner
  • Progressively turns a reactive environment to proactive one by employing machine learning and artificial intelligence and finally into a predictive environment
  • Detects, diagnoses and resolves issues while seamlessly talking to all modules even before the user is aware that there was a problem in the system
  • Creates resolutions on the fly using powerful but reusable codes called Atomic Action Items

Tensai for AIOps was designed in a modular structure to enable customers to either pick and choose the service they require or even go for the complete set of tools, as per their requirement. This platform is designed to be flexible to suit the needs of the customers.

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