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Hexaware’s proprietary H2O (Hexaware Hyper Optimized) eco-system provides a process blueprint, which is based on the industry’s best practices for service management implementations and has a range of preconfigured applications ready for deployment. It is a tool agnostic framework and can be easily applied to any compatible service management toolset. The preconfigured applications in the ecosystem help with rapid adoption since these are ready to use and easily integrate with the existing IT enterprise applications. The H2O solution incorporates our learnings from numerous ITSM implementations for various customers across different verticals.

 Key features of the H2O Service Management Ecosystem

Following are some of the key features and unique value propositions of the H2O ecosystem:

  • H2O delivers tremendous business value for rolling out enterprise Service management solutions owing to reduced transition time, and integration with other Hexaware offerings. This is a tried and tested, packaged service offering which on an average reduces 60% of the overall implementation time and cost for the level of process maturity it offers.
  • H2O is an easily configurable and extensible solution that allows implementation to proceed quickly without introducing technical complexities and additional support costs. Accelerated implementation provides a much-needed head start for a transformation project, owing to the well-defined and configurable options for all service management processes.
  • An enhanced H2O ecosystem of applications has the capabilities of integrating disparate systems through intelligent cross-departmental process automation, eventually delivering a superior user experience. The H2O accelerator pack gives customers a kick-start in terms of process maturity level from day 1, across our comprehensive suite of applications consisting of IT service management, IT operation management, IT business management, SAM, GRC & SecOps.


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