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Implementing, Managing And Optimizing IT Services

Enterprise Service Management at Hexaware is all about high velocity IT which translates to speed and right direction thus providing your business the competitive advantage it deserves.

Hexaware has a strong workforce of ITIL® certified Enterprise Service Management consultants and implementation specialists with impressive experience and niche skills required for this field.

The ESM practice is completely aligned with the Hexaware’s philosophy of delivering next-generation customer experiences through automation of IT Services. We are the trusted partners for many of the customers across manufacturing, banking, e-commerce, airlines and more. Our full spectrum of offerings in service management are appropriate for every phase of the service lifecycle and focuses on creating customer value, loyalty and trust.

We offer a wide range of consulting services that help customers develop their vision, strategy and roadmap for service management.

  • Strategic Roadmap Facilitation helps customers identify their long-term goals and set timelines, budgets and milestones. This is a key step in ensuring that you are taking the right steps in the right direction.
  • Platform Adoption Journey involves a careful consultative analysis of industry leading digital ITSM platforms and help you identify the right platform that truly aligns with your service management aspirations.
  • Pain Point and Maturity Assessments are designed to uncover the gaps in your current service management systems and understand the level of maturity that you have achieved.
  • SIAM (Service Integration & Management) consulting has become an indispensable part of service management journey due to multi-vendor sourcing being common these days. Whether you are a customer, service integrator or service provider in the SIAM space, we can tailor the right solutions for you.
  • Through ITBM consulting, we help customers identify and align their IT investment and work with the organization’s goals for better outcomes and respond more rapidly to change through an IT-focused lens.

Hexaware’s ESM team is proud to have implemented some of the world’s most complex ITSM systems. We are rightly geared to help you with a bespoke greenfield implementation or help with your ongoing implementation across comprehensive suite of applications that include IT service management, IT operations management, IT business management and GRC.

  • Hexaware’s proprietary solution called H2O(Hexaware Hyper Optimized) provides a process blueprint for service management implementations. H2O ecosystem offers a range of preconfigured service management applications that enables a rapid implementation of a matured service management platform. We have tool specific H2O accelerator packs that gives you a head start in terms of process maturity level on day 1. We specialize in systems integration using APIs and cater to any specialized customer requirements by remaining very close to out of box solutions.
  • SWIFT Migrations : We specialize in migrating customers quickly from varied ITSM platforms (legacy toolsets or from a shared platform) to a better process aligned platform with no loss of data. ​
  • Automation Bot Factory leverages the power of 90+ prebuilt bots that provides scripts and algorithms to automate commonly used workflows and tasks. These prebuilt bots can be customized easily to your needs and come with a library of automated test cases, design templates, success criteria which help us to quickly deliver successful outcomes for our customers.

Platform and Process Operations Management​  go hand in hand, one cannot function efficiently without the other and we offer both via  our specialized hybrid consultants who all well versed with technology as well as processes thus ensuring smooth transition and  highest efficiency for operations.

  • CSI (Continual Service Improvement): It is not just about keeping the lights on as lack of innovation and reluctance to change can make even the greatest systems obsolete in no time. Hence, we believe in Value Co-Creation using CSI cycles which rely heavily on ideation and customer feedback. ​`
  • Hexaware Service Marketplace​ is a platform which offers various support, configuration, consulting and implementation (IT applications & underlying components) as a Service in form of a commoditized comprehensive service catalog. It is a one stop shop for all ad-hoc requirements. The best part is that customers know exactly what they are ordering, how much it will cost and when they will get it.
  • We offer Seamless Platform Upgrades that is a necessity not only to maintain support from the OEM but more important to get the best of innovation and security for running service management platform that has been implemented.
  • Shift Left is an inherent quality for all Hexawarians, and we are always in the look out to find opportunities to automate first, self serve next & put smart people to manage at the end.

Optimization is driven by continuous research that enables better decision making. We at Hexaware focus exclusively at optimizing IT processes, tools, licensing & operations  thus positively improving efficiency and your spend on IT.

  • Customers often find themselves in a situation where different teams and departments are working in silos and operating completely different from each other. Each group may develop their own processes, procedures & technology. We mitigate such situations using Process Convergence and Re-Engineering​ service offerings where the emphasis is on the process convergence, efficient development and reduced cost of management for the end solution.
  • Our Tools Rationalization offerings focus on consolidation of service management platforms into one or just a few to optimize your investments and increase the efficiency.
  • We offer Cost Optimization services where our experienced consultants do a total cost of ownership analysis and consolidation of functions and toolset. ​
  • Hexaware has a mature Software Asset Management practice providing License Advisory & Optimization​ services to its customers to optimize their IT spend on software licenses.
  • Project Governance needs to be tailored to an organization’s specific needs, and there are multiple components that must be considered. These components influence how you create, implement, monitor and control the governance framework on your program.

Key Transformation Enablers

Hexaware Named a Leader in the ISG Provider Lens™ ServiceNow Ecosystem Partners US 2021 Quadrant Report


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