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Security Orchestration, Automation & Response

Security as a Service – enhancing the organization’s overall security posture 

Changing dynamics in how the workforce operates across almost all organizations has reinforced the concern regarding security related challenges that are becoming critical and need to be addressed sooner than later. Risks like increasing number of alerts, inconsistent responses due to skill gap or rising number of security tools are all interrelated and exposes organization to external security threats.

Priding itself on being future ready, Hexaware introduces its Security Automation Framework (SeAF) solution for all foreseeable-upcoming security needs. SeAF Enterprise security automation is a part of Security Orchestration, Automation & Response (SOAR) technology domain for exemplary security process automation that interconnects different security tools and technologies for comprehensive security coverage across various levels.

Security Orchestration

SeAF streamlines security processes, connects disparate security tools and technologies necessary for maintaining the optimal balance of machine-powered security automation and human intervention leveraging Machine Learning and AI. Convergence of Security Orchestration and Automation (SOA), Security Incident Response (SIR) and Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) capabilities into a single solution helps strengthen the security posture through interrelationship of people, processes and technology for enterprise environments.

Security Automation Process

SeAF has been planned and developed after considering the challenges thrown by industry trends and market forces. The foreseeable threats, concurrent risks and processes have been collated into a collection of use cases that can be implemented as per the enterprise’s requirements and feasibility.

Security Layers we automate and use cases representation

SeAF automates across all Cyber Security layers

SeAF – Key Business Benefits

SeAF helps secure, automate, simplify and boost speed of incident responses and security operations for providing the following business advantages:

  1. Automation for quick Incident Responses
    • Automation helps in swifter incident response times, accurate security orchestration and risk compliance and leveraged with processes standardization it helps focus more on charting future security improvements to increase productivity.
  2. Integrated and unified security infrastructure
    • A security orchestration platform can act as a connective fabric that runs through previously disparate security products, providing analysts with a central console allowing actions for incident response.
  3. Standardized and scalable processes
    • It enables teams to develop automated methods for replicable workflows across the entire security product and technology landscape
  4. Leveraging existing investments
    • It helps coordinate among multiple products easily and extract more value out of existing security investment by automating repeatable actions and minimizing console-switching.

For a security automation and orchestration that is best in class, helps unify and automate processes and delivers with precision and scale, contact

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