• Office@Home

    • Has your business continuity been impacted by natural disasters or man-made contingencies?

    • Do you want to ramp up your VDI infra on demand with scale, speed and security?

    • Are you facing difficulties in expanding remote access to all your employees?

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Enabling Secure Remote Access for your Employees

Remote working has become the new normal. In addition to improving work-life balance during a typical work week, it’s imperative during certain kinds of emergencies for organizations to quickly enable their workforce to work remotely. However, connectivity for remote working comes with associated security risk. Also, sometimes the nature of work or industry regulations make it tough for organizations to open up remote access. Access to critical IT infrastructure like servers, databases, and intranet frameworks needs a scalable secure solution that can be ramped up in phases. As part of our secure support mechanism, we have developed an Office@Home solution that enables secure remote access by connecting to your office environment through hosted desktops via any modern device or OS. Office@Home enables organizations of any size or type to deliver virtualized Windows/Linux applications and shared desktops to users on smart devices, anywhere.

Extend office at home in less than 48 hours!
No hassles. No fuss.

Users can access their apps and desktops through dedicated clients built for macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android and Chromebook. Register for a free assessment and demo.


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    Delivering a Fast and Seamless User Experience

  • Security

    Helps secure corporate assets from data leakage and other malicious activities through a comprehensive approach and cloud-based delivery.

  • Time to Deploy

    The solution can be deployed on site or on leading cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, AWS, etc., in less than 48 hours with fast user on-boarding within minutes.

  • Consumption Model

    Delivering virtualized apps and desktops as a service on any smart device, anywhere on a flexible pay-as-you-go model (per user/per month) with no minimum term.

  • Automated Support

    Automated deployment tailored to accelerate end-to-end setup and post enablement support that boosts efficiency and improves manageability.

Key Benefits

Office@Home delivers the following business benefits:

  • Facilitates workplace mobility that empowers employees to work securely from anywhere, on any device, without the need for VPNs
  • Delivers a rich virtual workspace experience to users on any device including mobile phones, tablets and thin clients
  • Securely delivers your apps and enables the virtual desktop with integrated IAM and compliance management
  • Identifies new efficiencies and lowers IT costs by centralizing delivery and management of business-critical applications.

Office@Home helps businesses enable true productivity for remote workers and provides maximum flexibility for IT departments to implement secure remote access management. All this and more is achieved without sacrificing access to mission critical enterprise applications.

Office@Home Features

Solution Building Blocks

Solution Building Blocks


Yes, Hexaware’s Office@Home solution is fully secure and can be deployed while meeting the compliance requirements of your enterprise. We support multiple deployment models with secure authentication.

The solution is highly scalable with no upper limits – and it can be customized based on the specific requirements of your enterprise.

The initial setup of Hexaware’s Office@Home solution takes less than 48 hours with fast user onboarding within a few minutes.

Yes, the solution supports both Windows and Linux based applications.

Yes, this solution can coexist with your current VDI setup. Since Hexaware’s Office@Home is a lightweight, quick to deploy, easy to scale solution you can use it for temporary burst capacity or as a long-term addition to your environment.

No. This is a completely consumption-based model that does not require any long-term commitments.

Hexaware’s technical support team will be available on 24*7 to provide support based on predefined SLAs.

The user profiles will be stored as containers on the file server within the hosted subscription. Any common shares will also sit here. However, Hexaware’s data security regulations will keep all data logically isolated from any other customer tenants.

Remote working: The Future of Work is Here

To know about the impact of COVID-19 situation on businesses and the cloud cost optimization suite of remote working solutions from Hexaware, download this whitepaper.

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