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Digital Workplace is blurring the lines between the physical space and helps to stay connected in this agile digital world. As the distinction between professional and personal life dissolves, and the workplace becomes more mobile, employees are communicating and collaborating in unprecedented ways. 

Hexaware believes that the workplace of tomorrow will need to adapt to this new social and mobile environment, driven by hyper collaboration and consumerization of IT; while remaining flexible to accommodate different users and amplify their digital workplace experiences.

In the Digital World, the focus is on systems of engagement – customer and employee facing systems – where user experience is at the core to enhance productivity. Hexaware Digital Workplace Practice enables customers to embrace new digital technologies (such as Digital Resolver, ZeroTouch ServiceDesk, Cloud Workplace, Mobility, IoT, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, etc.) and covers end-to-end lifecycle – Enablement, Transformation and Operations optimization. 

Hexaware Digital Workplace Practice



Hexaware Digital Workplace Services suggests considering an experience-centric approach based on tenets of user experiences – speed, agility, reliability, etc. than a tools-centric approach. We start with identifying the journeys of employees at different interactions or touchpoints in their enterprise, mapping them to underlying services and processes and then determining the underlying tools and technologies that will enhance / support these journeys. 

We measure pre / post experiences at those touchpoints (direct / indirect) to derive value in using our Experience-Centric Digital Workplace strategy. Few of the key benefits derived are-

  1. Enhanced User Experience
  2. Improved Consumer Experience
  3. Persona-Based Catalogued service
  4. Automation-Driven Self-Service Enhancements
  5. Faster Onboarding and Time to Market
  6. One IT – Higher Productivity and Effectiveness
  7. Always Available IT
  8. Improved MTTR and Average Handling Time

Digital Workplace Service Offerings

Hexaware’s Digital Workplace Service provides frameworks, architectures, solution accelerators and support models for delivering hyper-collaborative, agile, user experience centric end-user computing environment. We cover the entire spectrum of offerings from assessing the user personas and their specific needs (Consulting), migration and transformation to future digital workplace state (Engineering and Platforms) as well as optimized support modes (Operations) for digital workforce.


Digital Workplace Consulting covers the assessment of the user profiles in the Enterprise Workplace. Today the Workplace serves different purposes for each and every user and hence it is extremely important to map the journey of each profile, understand the interactions and touchpoints of specific profiles within an enterprise and determine the productivity areas. For example, a mobile user profile would value the mobility and ease of access as the most critical factor, while developer user profile may look at power and tools flexibility the most. 

It is also critical for an enterprise to have centralized visibility of their workplace landscape (desktops from hardware or software perspective, resource utilization, sizing, performance factors, as well as user experience). It helps enterprises to align their current workplace model towards future transformation state which enables collaboration, enhances productivity and eliminates friction between Process-Technology and Employees.

Our Consulting portfolio covers-

ServiceDesk and Desktop Support Consulting

  • Devising a targeted data strategy to ensure IT Service Management data can help drive business decisions
  • Building mature processes based on Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Principles
  • Controlling and enforcing IT disciplines such as configuration change management
  • Improving IT Service Levels with actionable data based on analytics through automation
  • Enhancing IT operation experience with your existing IT investments

Workplace & Mobility Consulting

  • Modern workplace assessment
  • User Profiling
  • Virtualization Assessment

Digital Resolver Consulting

  • Proactive and user-centric channels of engagement
  • Enable proactive resolution
  • Empowering end user


Digital Workplace Engineering portfolio provides migration and transformation services, frameworks as well as toolsets to enable enterprises achieve the desired future state of agile workplace. We deliver engineering services with clear outcomes and assured ROI.

Our Engineering portfolio covers-

Workplace and Mobility Engineering

  • MDM Solutions & Migration
  • Windows Imaging 
  • Device Refresh
  • Windows Upgrade & Migration 
  • Application & Desktop Virtualization
  • AMAZE™ for Virtual Desktop

Messaging and Collaboration Engineering

  • Migration to O365
  • Tenant to Tenant Migration
  • AD Consolidation / Migration
  • M365 Implementation
  • O365 Security Management
  • SharePoint & One Drive Migration
  • MS Teams Implementation
  • O365 Backup / Archiving Solution


To accelerate the pace of user experience and productivity enhancement, Hexaware has invested in a center of excellence which develops and enables digital workplace tools and service platforms for a superior digital workplace experience. The platform also enables users to access the workplace in a device independently; in an OS-agnostic manner.

Hexaware’s Digital Workplace Platform solution offers-

HexaSmart Workplace Platform, which is a unified platform designed to self-control and self-manage their workplace environment across apps, data and devices. Few key features of the platform are-

  • Self-service application request and deployment
  • OS upgrade and update as per your convenience and schedule
  • Visibility into your environment, proactive maintenance

Digital Resolver Platform

Digital resolver platform offers a suite of services enabling smart, always accessible and fully mobile workplace enhancement solutions– 

  1. Hexabot – Smart Virtual Assistant Bot
  2. Heal pro – Predictive Self-healing and Self-service Automation portal
  3. Analytics Pro – Digital Experience management for IT 
  4. Account Recovery Tool (ART) 
  5. DockIT – One-stop shop for end-user 
  6. Email Parser 
  7. Voice Bots 


Hexaware’s Digital Workplace Operations is built on providing a 6-stage solution approach starting with AutoHeal to pro-active maintenance, self-management, followed by virtual assistance, live agent and finally smart hands. 

  1. AutoHeal
    The system would identify underlying faults / defects and take corrective actions to fix the problems, thereby eliminating calls to the service desk. Auto Error Detection, Instant Diagnostics, Automated Resolutions, Patch Updates and Real Time Alerts are certain functions performed at this Layer
  2. Pro-Active Maintenance
    Does proactive real-time detection of incidents and effectively mitigates risks and avoids breaches by raising alerts / notifications
  3. Self Management
    Empowers end users to take control of the situation and resolve issues on their own. This layer provides access to a well-refined procedure and what-if scenarios for end users to learn more about a problem impact or update procedure. This approach drastically reduces issue resolution time and service desk calls while giving power in the hands of end users. 
  4. Virtual Assistance
    If a particular issue or solution cannot be addressed in the above 3 layers, the system provides Virtual Assistance support in a self-guided manner. It helps users to get a quick response and standardized experience.
  5. Live Agent
    In those 5%-10% of cases where solutions cannot be addressed in the above 4 layers, the Virtual Assistance enables live agent sessions to understand the problem better and provide a resolution
  6. Smart Hands –
    Endeavor is that we address more frequent support aspects in the above 5 layers with Smart Hands team to come in for less than 5% of cases. The efficiency gains are achieved over a period of time through sustained enablement.

Operations support for digital workplace covers-

Service Desk & Deskside Operational Support

  • Deskside Support
  • Magic Bar
  • Remote Desktop Support
  • Service Desk
  • Vending Machines

Workplace and Mobility Operations

  • Application Packaging 
  • Software Distribution and Patch Management
  • Unified End point Management 
  • Device as a Service

Messaging and Collaboration Operations

  • AD Monitoring and Support
  • O365 / Exchange Mailbox Monitoring and Support
  • Shared files and folder Management
  • O365 security and compliance monitoring
  • SSO – Account Management
  • Identity Access Management (IAM)

Hexaware Named Rising Star in the UK and US 2020 ISG Provider Lens™ Digital Workplace of the Future — Services & Solutions 2020 Quadrant Reports

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