Cyber Security Resilience Services

Cyber Security Resilience Services

Turnkey Cyber Defense and resilience with our tailored Cyber Security and Resilience Services

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Cyber Security and Resilience Integrated Security Solutions

Business essentials for digitalization leads to exponential increase in digital and cyber threats, which requires multiple phases of security measures and digital protection. Security focus mainly in revolutionary technologies (i.e. IoT, OT, BlockChain and Public Cloud Transformations) are highly challenging with increased risk in data protection and privacy.  Our Cyber Security and Resilience Services (CSRS) offers a wide range of integrated security solutions in various layers of consulting, engineering and operations; focused on cognitive intelligence, automation and response, enabling the customer with a complete view on their security front. Our services enable industries to adopt and transform security, in various stages of the data lifecycle with near real-time visibility, high-powered analytics and intelligence against sophisticated threat vectors.

CSRS Service Offerings

Our tailored assurance framework helps uncover underlying risks in illuminating the current state of your security posture with end-to-end capabilities to govern and maintain adherence to your industry compliance and regulations. We believe in a unified framework solution (combined control matrix covering NIST, ISO 27k, PCI DSS, Cloud CSA, etc.) to address GRC requirements rather than addressing each of these in isolation. 


Hexaware Cyber Security expert team developed GRC control Matrix having six stages covering multiple Security frameworks and standards (NIST, ISO 27000, PCI-DSS, CSA). Our framework focuses on fundamental security components “People, Process and Technology” and significant security triad “Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability”. We have a lot of success stories to help the organization implement and rationalize GDPR, ISO 27001 certification, PCI-DSS Certification, FEDRAMP and NIST compliance.

We are an ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type certified organization, and strongly believe in maintaining security of customer assets, information and data.


Our solution offerings include:

  • Current state assessment, audit and performance evaluation service
  • Design, implement and automate risk management
  • Understand, design, customize, rationalize frameworks to achieve balance between conformance and performance aligning with accomplished frameworks and specific regulations such as NIST, COBIT, COSO, ISO, PCI, CSA or HIPPA, SOX, GDPR
  • Building resilience through business continuity, analyze and implement GRC automation


Hexaware comprehensive GRC solution is designed based on a unified framework and simplified implementation to reduce the complexity and prioritized investment to minimize financial burden for the organization. Hexaware’s GRC implementation services are designed based on four blocks. These four blocks forms pillars of GRC solution enabling an organization to meet its objectives at the enterprise level.

Business Aligned Strategy – We build security strategy by understanding business IT and security requirements such as Zero Trust Policy, Imminent Data Privacy & Protection Regulation, PCI Remediation, etc.

Cognitive Approach – Develop framework supporting NexGen security solutions (cross-function Security Operations setup) through right use cases, process automation built into tools for proactive problem management

Benefit Realization – Extending our technology partnership benefit to customers in providing GRC solutions (ServiceNow, IBM, Microsoft, etc.)

Risk Compliant – The objective of our GRC service is to reduce risk from unacceptable level to acceptable level hence our solution always starts with identifying, documenting and developing a roadmap to address customer pain areas, technology constraints and data security risks.

We believe in partnering with the organization to identify a rightful solution in meeting the objectives and complying with regulations which includes automation and continuous improvement.


Hexaware’s Policy and Compliance Management using Service Now GRC platform provides a centralized process for creating and managing policies, standards and internal control procedures that are cross-mapped to external regulations. Latest tools and applications built on top of our management framework provide structured workflows for the identification, assessment and continuous monitoring of control activities. We enable organizations to centralize the below activities considering all levels of management.

  • Establish controls and controls owners
  • Define control tests and expected results
  • Establish test and control frequencies
  • Identify risks: Impact and likelihood
  • Prepare attestations
  • Map authoritative sources to policies, procedures, controls, and risks

We focus on building solutions in consideration of cost, performance, scalability, compatibility, compliance and business security. Our hybrid cloud service offering provides a mix of traditional business centric and next generation technology solutions. Our approach and recommended framework for multi-cloud or hybrid environment enables realistic adoption of any security best practices.

Hybrid Cloud Security Overview

Hexaware provides a secure journey to build and migrate hybrid and multi-cloud across cloud providers. Though the cloud service providers (Azure, AWS and Google Cloud) deliver a robust and strong platform, organizations need planning, strategy and the right cloud security architecture to cover cloud shared responsibility for scalable and reliable security. Hexaware’s USP is the strong partnership it holds with cloud service providers and third-party solutions (CloudCheckr, Crowdstrike, IBM Resilent, Syncurity, Microsoft CASB, Trend-Micro, Duo Seurity – MFA , Zscaler, IBM Q-Radar) enabling balanced cloud security solutions.

With over 100 cloud experts engaged with multiple global customers across various industries, supporting a hybrid cloud environment, we can help organizations leverage our industry expertise and skills to build and deliver secure cloud environments with increased data security.


Hexaware Cloud Security consulting experts will analyze security posture in existing and prospective Cloud Service Providers, provide insights into potential threats and risk mitigation in cloud and meet compliance mandates. 

Our cloud security consulting services include design strategy for secure cloud migration, cloud security assessment which includes Risk Assessment, Infrastructure and Application Security Assessment in multi and hybrid cloud environment, and provides consulting for data protection best practices such as Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), Encryption and Key Management, Access Management, etc.

Hexaware has developed a unique framework for assessing the security postures of cloud environments using widely adopted industry standards and frameworks as shown in the following figure: 

The framework can be customized for external customers provisioning more controls, frameworks and standards during Cloud Security Assessment activities or engagements based on customer specific requirements to meet their business requirements and industry standards.

During a security assessment, the current setup in the cloud environment will be reviewed and analyzed for the feasibility of implementing the security controls which are lacking in current environments. 

Hexaware will follow a systematic approach in evaluating the current state of maturity:

  • Analyze, document and prioritize (Plan)
  • Build, test and implement (Do)
  • Measure, error correction, monitor and report (Check)
  • Review the control effectiveness and improve or increase the security measures to meet the business and regulation / compliance requirements (Act)

The security assessment model should provide required observation and list of bases for cloud assessment. This model will ensure the following outcome: 

  • To design a proven and successful method
  • Quality and secured cloud solution through Azure platform
  • Reference for continuous improvement model of Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA)

Each phase of PDCA model will list out recommended / suitable controls (Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, Recover), tactical approach (Preventive, Detective and Corrective measures) and security solution aligned with NIST cyber security framework and CSA matrix.


Many organizations assume that cloud transformation will shift the responsibility of security to cloud service providers. In reality, security is a shared responsibility.  Hexaware cloud security experts can help organizations to take responsibility of customer data security and to implement the required security measures on the cloud to protect the data in various cloud deployment models such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Our deep expertise in cloud deployment model helps organizations to determine, architect / design, plan and implement right security measures at each layer of security to protect data, platforms (Azure Virtual Machines, AWS EC2,etc.), applications (Azure AppService, Azure PaaS Databases, AWS Lamda, etc.) operating systems and networks (VNET, VNET Peering, VPC, Azure VPN Gateway, AWS VPN gateway, etc), containers (Azure Kubernetes Service and AWS Kubernetes Services) etc.  

Hexaware has developed the implementation approach for secure Cloud implementation which includes four distinct phases; Assess, Architecture, Align and Assure; 

Assess Phase

During this phase following activities will be accomplished-

  • Understanding the business drivers and objective for Secure Cloud Adoption
  • Assess the current security policy and processes
  • Assess the current state (“As-Is”) (including design & architecture of infrastructure security and licenses status) and understand the current security measures for Cloud

Architecture Phase

During this phase following activities will be accomplished-

  • Identify the required Cloud-native (VNET/VPC, Azure Firewalls, Azure VPN Gateway, Azure Application Gateway, Azure DDOS Protection, etc.) and third-party security controls (Palo Alto Firewall, IBM- Qradar, SSL certificates, etc.) for each layer of security in IaaS, PaaS and SaaS
  • Build high-level design and architecture for all environments and hybrid connectivity
  • Prepare the migration readiness

Align Phase

During this phase following activities will be accomplished-

  • Secure deployment of selected security tools from Cloud-native and third-party product in Cloud environment and configuration as per design
  • Validate whether the security tools/products that are deployed in Cloud are in-line with design and configuration
  • Prepare a low-level design document for Cloud security architectures

Assure Phase

During this phase following activities will be accomplished-

  • Conduct security assessment in the cloud to ensure the required security controls are deployed and ensure there is no gap
  • Perform vulnerability assessment to make sure there is no misconfiguration in deployed security products
  • Manage the operation and support on behalf of customers


Our certified cloud security consultants have expertise in managing and supporting security technologies and cloud-native products (such as Azure Firewall, VNET, VPC, Azure Key Vault, AWS Key Management, Azure Application Gateway, AWS Web Application Firewall, Azure Security Center, etc.)  in-line with organization security policies, industry best practices and compliance requirements. 

Hexaware’s white-labeled services (Cloud Clarion) help monitor the security posture of a multi and hybrid cloud environment in real-time against industry standards and regulation, provides centralized visibility of configuration changes, and remediates the identified vulnerabilities without much human intervention.

Hexaware will leverage cloud-native (Azure Sentinel, Cloud Trail, Cloud Watch) and third-party SIEM tools (such as IBM Q-Radar, IBM Resilient -SOAR, Syncruity – SOAR)  for near real-time security event monitoring across endpoints, network, applications and database including threat hunting and user behavior analysis.

Our approach for agile and robust development environment is designed to cover the fundamental objective of security requirement at each phase integrated with right security products. We focus on business security requirement of internal and external risks and challenges by adopting DevSecOps framework in our security solution.  We implement application security, automation and alignment with product features expected by business essentially, in CI/CD environment. 

Hexaware has built a well-defined approach to address application security at different stages of the lifecycle integrating security testing throughout the development process.


DevOps practices are instrumental for organizations in deriving several value-added benefits such as increased agility, speed and reduced costs, in addition to features such as serverless-computing, dynamic provisioning and pay-as-you-go cost models. Security can benefit from automation (CI / CD) by incorporating logging and event monitoring, configuration and patch management, user and privilege management and vulnerability assessment into DevOps processes.

Hexaware has a well-established DevOps security practice with over 300 DevOps engineering consultants engaged with customers at a global level enabling on-prem and cloud DevOps platform. 

Security code reviews are done at each stage which focus on finding flaws in each of the following areas: authentication, authorization, security configuration, session management, logging, data validation, error handling and encryption. 

Hexaware code reviewers aligned for this are well-versed in the language of the application they’re testing, as well as skilled on the secure coding practices and security controls that need to be tested.


Hexaware offers RedTeam Security Service that educates clients, identifies security risks, informs intelligent business decisions, and enables you to reduce your attack surface digitally, physically and socially. Test the effectiveness of your own security controls before malicious parties do it for you. We pride ourselves on being unique and we understand that your organization and its needs are too. 

Threat modeling is an approach to enterprise network security that lets you optimize resources and maximize security by prioritizing the resources and programs required to keep your organization secure.


Hexaware recommends as well as offers vulnerability assessment service to identify security holes within an organization’s IT infrastructure, specifically related to cyber threats. Vulnerability assessment is done running a series of diagnostics on company devices, applications, networks and by utilizing this data to recommend areas of improvement based on risk and scope. 

The ideal cybersecurity services should include SAST, DAST and Penetration Testing in IT software, in addition to device or process upgrades, to help address each vulnerability and ensure maximum security across the organization. Businesses can work with us in conjunction with threat intelligence services to provide a complete, up-to-date picture of internal security health and potential risks to company data and devices.

Hexaware uses both automated and manual analysis of source code and web applications to find out security flaws / vulnerabilities in the application so that they can be fixed before the application goes to production and confidential data is put at risk.

Hexaware Container Security Services let you enjoy peace of mind through our regular security scan of all container images and malware protection for containers. It detects and visualizes threats in real-time for any workload in any container (Docker, Kubernetes, Elastic Beanstalk, Elastic Container Service and CoreOS). Plus, our security professionals watch over your environment 24/7 – so you’re never on your own.

Our Security solutions are designed and packaged to solve any business, industry and regulation requirements. Hexaware’s Digital Workplace Security (DWS) solutions cover enterprise to end user security needs in the form of data, endpoint, mobile and cloud security. Our partnership with industry-leading vendors enables cost effective, simplified solutions with risk ownership by Hexaware.

The focus on transforming end user experience to virtual working, enterprise mobility and borderless collaboration is to enhance effective operations and productivity in the modern workspace. Evolving technologies and proliferation of smart devices (i.e. IoT, smart assistances, smart gadgets, BYOD) follows custom or non-standard lightweight operating systems with no security considerations by design, posing a huge risk on corporate data security and privacy. Hexaware’s DWS enables organizations to embrace digital technologies (such as Digital Resolver, Cloud Workplace, BYOD, Mobility, IoT, Analytics, AI, etc.) and are highly secured with Zero-trust integrated security solutions. 


Hexaware Digital Security Consulting services provide a range of service offerings in the consulting layer to help the organization achieve scalable interoperability, security and automation in technology. Our security consultants will work with you to craft a more secure posture for your organization, ensuring that we keep in mind your most pressing business outcomes. Hexaware’s unique framework built on top of latest tools and technologies provides deep assessment reports and recommendations towards data identification and classification, data labeling and processing, data profiling, protection and privacy and helps your organization for better alignment towards industry compliance and regulations (i.e. GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPPA, ISMS, etc.) for multiple interfaces, be it laptop / desktop, mobile, IoT, chatbots or virtual devices. We focus on assisting organizations to leverage technology, minimize routine manual tasks and optimization, providing advantages to the current infrastructure.


Digital workplace devices keep updating and upgrading rapidly, leaving legacy security control measures at risk. It is of utmost importance for organizations to keep their IT ecosystem aligned with the latest technology in security services including endpoint and data. Our security consultants experienced in niche technologies (i.e. endpoint detection and response, data leak prevention, endpoint encryption, mobile device management, application whitelisting, O365 and email security, RPA security, security patch and vulnerability management, etc.) and frameworks; architect and design endpoint security infrastructure leveraging possible security process automation to provide a distinct solution.

Our expert understands your security risk and artifacts and then designs a vendor agnostic security solution that recommends architecture with required security controls, deployment methodologies and best practices enabling organizations to mitigate risks and reduce operating costs.


Digital workplace security is a centralized function within our organization employing people, processes and technology to continuously (24/7×365) monitor and improve your organization’s security posture; while preventing, detecting, analyzing and responding to cybersecurity incidents. Our certified security engineers will perform all the required activities including malware analysis and reverse engineering, threat hunting, cyber security incident handling and triage, forensics, case management, endpoint compliance management and security advisories, etc.

Our managed digital workplace security services team is cross trained in various technologies and products (i.e. Crowd strike, Cylance, Cisco AMP, Carbon black, Symantec & McAfee cloud workload protection, TrendMicro, Forcepoint, Proofpoint, Air Watch, Microsoft Intune, IBM MaaS 360, Gemalto, Vormetric, etc.) with extensive experience in managing customer infrastructure aligned with industry best practices and benchmarks. Our centralized high-powered analytic platform enables monitoring of security events and threats near real-time, along with event correlation and various threat intelligence to identify true positive security incidents and timely response to minimize the risk.

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