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Software Asset Management

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Untangle the SAM knot with Hexaware

“Software Asset Management (SAM) is the infrastructure and processes necessary for effective management, control and protection of software assets throughout all stages of their lifecycle” — Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

Hexaware SAM Practice helps enterprises avoid the pitfalls of inadequate licensing and poor procurement. Enterprises globally strive to manage their software assets and establish the source of truth to control and protect software assets effectively. SAM aims to reduce costs and limits risk related to the ownership and use of software while maximizing IT responsiveness and productivity.

Value Proposition

The complexity and costs required to respond to an unexpected audit present risks around unforeseen fees to ‘true-up’ the license position. Most organizations struggle with these questions about cost, complexity and efficiency of licensing audits. 

Hexaware’s SAM Practice garnered Drastic Cost Reduction for Global Information Services Company

This global information services company was faced with a glaring question: “How do I manage my inventory and entitlements effectively?”

Service Offerings

Software asset management should not be perceived as a one-time project. Rather, it should be viewed as an ongoing strategic program that needs to be continually evaluated and modified to meet the dynamic needs of an organization. SAM processes must therefore be flexible enough to accommodate changes within the organization. 

The right people must be made responsible for essential roles within the SAM process. Without this responsibility, a SAM tool is just an isolated software product. Securing SAM processes and assigning responsibility is just as important as the SAM tool itself which allows the tool to function as a means to generate valuable information, leading to suggest improvisations to the software.

Considering these, the following points will be taken into account for ongoing operations:

  • Maintenance of overall SAM platform, ongoing inventory management and license reconciliation
  • Review current license compliance report and actively prevent compliance risk with warnings and automated email reporting
  • Monitor the usage of organization software assets on an ongoing basis to stay on top of changing technology needs and trends among employees and optimize IT spending
  • Provide key findings related to decisions about ideal purchasing levels, possible upgrades, pros and cons of standardization and overall software asset lifecycle planning
  • Re-evaluate and re-engineer implemented SAM processes periodically

Further, Hexaware provides the following services as a part of SAM services – 

  • On-Demand Consulting
  • Inventory Data Management
  • License Renewal Management              
  • Optimizations and Recommendations
  • Compliance Management
  • Vendor Optimization

We work on behalf of our clients offering the most comprehensive and structured range of license management and SAM consultancy services in the framework of a long term strategic partnership in order to optimize ROI through realistic TCO reduction.

Our team of highly accredited consultants along with our unique tools and systems can offer the most comprehensive range of SAM and License Management Consulting solutions available. We can provide end-to-end responsibility through customized SAM services like Health Checks, Assessments and Workshops.

Hexaware’s team of licensing professionals have extensive experience in working with major software vendors and we have your back when it comes to Enterprise Agreement Analysis. Our Licensing Advisory Services are not only aimed at ensuring the most favorable outcome from your negotiated agreement but are also cost-efficient.

Ensuring a steady workflow and efficiency comes down to your software solutions. The problem that many business owners have is that they don’t have sufficient knowledge to optimize, integrate and manage their existing solutions. They don’t have the necessary skills to develop software that takes care of critical functions.

Hexaware’s SAM Consulting Practice consists of –

  • Audit Guidance and Planning
  • Entitlement and Inventory Data Analysis
  • Maturity Assessment
  • Roadmap and Landscape Advisory
  • SAM Baseline Review
  • SAM and License Consulting
  • New Vendor Onboarding
  • Process and Tool Optimization
  • License Advisory Services
  • Procurement Advisory

Key Factors on which SAM Depends:

Hexaware implements SAM Solution using its proprietary H2O process which is guided by the industry’s best practices and standards leveraging SAM platforms such as ServiceNow, Snow Software, etc. Our H2O solution incorporates learnings from numerous SAM implementations for various customers in different industry verticals. 

Hexaware has built a large pool of talented and enthusiastic SAM Consultants, who excel at implementing, configuring and customizing SAM tools based on your requirement ranging from complex integrations to customized reporting. Also, Hexaware has excelled at automating the SAM platform by integrating and customizing various established tools for end-to-end process management.

At Hexaware, we understand the value of eliminating manual processes and harmonizing the workflow between several components. By utilizing our software consulting services, the load on your human resources will be alleviated. In addition to automation and integration, we can also help you implement effective self-service solutions, which will allow your users to enter data themselves. We will then integrate the self-service functionality with the rest of your platforms to ensure congruence throughout your infrastructure.

Hexaware’s SAM Platform incorporates the following functions

  • Tool Implementation
  • SAM Automation
  • Portal Management
  • Tool Integrations

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