Application Support & Maintenance
  • Application Support & Maintenance

    • Are you spending too much of manual efforts on resolving service requests and incidents?

    • Has your team's productivity gone low due to the same routine mundane tasks every day?

    • Are you facing problems in dealing with application support needs in this fast-changing digital journey?

    • Are you facing challenges in aligning your operational SLAs to business KPIs?

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NextGen Application Support and Maintenance (ASM) caters to organizations that are required to deal with the application support needs of fast-changing digital applications along with slow-paced legacy and back-end applications. Hexaware’s automation led ASM has set a new benchmark in the application support outsourcing arena with its innovative and fearless take on ASM automation. Our automation solution is tool and platform agnostic using the best of breed tools to support our clients while allowing them to remain autonomous from proprietary platforms and solutions. NextGen ASM leverages native monitoring tools of Infra and App using pre-built big data analytical tools, creates self-healing BOTs that help in reducing manual work, incidents and savings in application maintenance and support cost. 

Our approach of “Automation First, Self-Service Next and Smart People Last” promises to

  • Deliver smart operations aimed at creating a greater alignment with the business
  • Lower TCO
  • Business aligned KPIs instead of traditional IT KPIs

NextGen ASM is designed to enable Hexaware’s Go Digital vision for its customers.

NextGen ASM is designed to enable Hexaware’s Go Digital vision for its customers

Our Approach

  • Customer Specific Learning Academy

    For every onboarded customer, Hexaware prepares a specific knowledge academy for talent induction and continuous development. The learning academy consists of domain & technology specific custom content which can be leveraged for onboarding of new recruits. This also serves the purpose of a knowledge repository which can be used to store process and technical content created during transition and ongoing engagement.

    In addition to the content created as part of the engagement execution, we capture additional knowledge using our authoring tools or by video recording.

    • Full-fledged e-learning content is created with screen capture & voice over tools.
    • Varsity Studio – Exclusive classroom sessions are video recorded and stored on the portal.

    Hexaware’s knowledge academy helps in reducing onboarding cost by 30%, from what traditional suppliers spend in terms of expensive customer subject matter expert time.

  • Foundation Service Management

    NextGen ASM utilizes many new age levers and solutions to achieve its objectives of reducing operational costs and improving end user experience, but it also keeps a sharp focus on strengthening the core ASM practices and principles through key Foundational Service Management activities such as:

    • Establishment & adherence of ITIL processes
    • Enforcing cadence of key operational activities like RCA & proactive problem management
    • Strengthening ITSM tool configuration to deliver better data quality, which in turn would help ease automation & data analysis objectives

  • Automation Led Smart Ops

    Hexaware’s Automation First approach is the key to our success in achieving a true next-generation Application Maintenance and Support service. Our automation led smart ops strategy helps in digitally reimagining IT landscapes, while aligning IT objectives with business priorities. Our approach begins with an automation assessment that helps determine an organization’s current ASM maturity. Using this ASM maturity score helps us in formulating a strategy & roadmap to achieve the highest level of support automation wherein Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are leveraged to achieve cognitive support automation and innovation.

  • Application Portfolio Optimization

    We use an integrated service management approach and proven service delivery and service improvement practices, to enable customers to save their operational costs on application management. Hexaware’s application portfolio optimization specialists come up with an optimization strategy and actionable roadmap to improve the application portfolio. Our optimization toolkit includes services, proprietary tools and accelerators that optimize costs and improves service delivery. The Optimization Toolkit is continuously refined and encompasses the following:

    • Continuous integration and delivery framework
    • Test accelerators
    • Scrumban delivery
    • Continuous service enhancement framework
    • Crowdsourcing innovation and customer value add framework

  • Business Aligned ASM

    Hexaware’s NextGen ASM aims to ensure that IT delivers true value to the business and has the optimum impact in daily activities, therefore business alignment becomes imperative in order to achieve better results through our offering. Below are some of the salient features through which we help enterprises enhance and realize value:

    • Identifying and aligning the operational SLAs with Business KPIs
    • SLA / KPI based delivery
    • 24×7 Global Delivery model to ensure business continuity

  • Anti-Pyramid Resourcing

    On the resource quality front, we are reversing the traditional labor arbitrage pyramid which many of the traditional ITO service providers bank upon. Cutting edge Intelligent Automation allows us to have teams with a higher ratio of highly skilled consultants where the less skilled & mundane work is eliminated through automation.


  • ZeroR

    Hexaware’s tried and trusted transition framework ensures zero risk during transition. This robust framework combined with our expertise and with the help of industry leading tools ensures that transition occurs in a rapid and efficient manner so that the switch from the previous vendor is seamless with minimal disruption to business. Tools used during the various phases of the transition ensure complete coverage and faster execution. Leveraging tools during transition not only reduces the risk of the unknown but also opens up avenues for various technological and process improvements over the engagement period while allowing to effectively carry out change management. Some of the salient features of our ZeroR® Transition methodology are –

    • Non-invasive, risk free transition
    • Effective extraction of knowledge
    • Completeness of knowledge transfer (KT)
    • Completeness of documentation
    • Complete transparency on transition activities
    • Resource availability right from day one of transition

  • Crowdsourcing Innovation

    BrainBox™ is a crowdsourcing platform for nurturing and fostering a culture of innovation. Ideas generated through BrainBox are delivered to customers through CVAs (Customer Value Adds). Brainbox empowers our Consultants to identify opportunities to innovate solutions to problems encountered during delivery. The benefits accrued are passed onto our customers as CVA (Customer Value Adds), resulting in millions of dollars of savings every year. The platform helps in connecting various stakeholders and in cross pollinating ideas and improvements. BrainBox along with Hexaware’ dedicated innovations lab, helps in discerning trends in the industry and incubating solutions specific to our customers, which may not be solved by common solutions in the industry.

  • Automation Platform

    Tensai for AIOps is the foundation of Hexaware’s Platform based Service Delivery Model, whether customers’ IT is built or delivered in an On Premise Private Cloud environment or a Hybrid Cloud environment. Tensai for AIOps delivers an end-to-end IT application lifecycle management and Automation Platform for businesses that need a modern and agile IT application & infrastructure, which delivers superior insights and business results. Hexaware’s Tensai for AIOps is pre-built with automation components for ASM encompassing discovering, monitoring, analyzing, and self-healing, in addition to predictive analytics for proactive problem management.

  • Automation Enabler

    Hexaware allocates a designated ‘Shrink IT’ team to ensure access to pool of architects and automation consultants whose sole purpose is to drive efficiencies within the engagement. This dedicated team would be responsible for automation, process optimization, incident elimination and identification of business aligned KPIs. Core focus of Shrink IT team is to reduce IT operational costs and enhance user experience.

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