Large UK insurer advances business agility resulting in a 40% increase in release velocity and a 30% reduction in TCO   Large UK insurer advances business agility resulting in a 40% increase in release velocity and a 30% reduction in TCO  

Large UK insurer advances business agility resulting in a 40% increase in release velocity and a 30% reduction in TCO  

SLA-driven managed services engagement


The client is a leading insurance business offering a range of general insurance products. They have a 170-year history and are one of the UK’s largest personal line insurers, with over 6.5 million customers and 4,000 employees.   


The client was looking for a trusted technology partner with deep expertise for a long-term SLA-driven managed services engagement for their IT application ecosystem. The scope of this challenging exercise encompassed: 

  • L2 & L3 application support and maintenance of 150+ critical business applications for the life protection, savings & retirements, and shared service business units 
  • Managed testing services covering end-to-end (E2E) testing and quality services and automation and manual testing 
  • Development and transformation services, including the transition of legacy systems onto the guidewire platform 
  • Power BI DataMart development and support 
  • Infrastructure support for cloud-native digital applications 


Hexaware’s managed services solution leveraged automation at all levels of application management with a highly optimized application support and maintenance delivery model. The fundamental building blocks of the solution that helped maximize business value included: 

  • Comprehensive service coverage, defined by 9*5+ on-call application support and 24*7 call center support with efficient onshore-offshore collaboration. 
  • Cloud-native infrastructure for digital applications built on microservices and API-enabled architecture for the customer and IFA. 
  • A modern delivery approach leveraged for agile teams to deliver quick and rich benefits with Scrum for development and Kanban for maintenance. 
  • A Center of Excellence (CoE) to drive innovation and agile culture transformation. 
  • Continuous improvement through SOP enhancements, shift left activities, and monitoring of the vendor ecosystem. 
  • Deployment of our automation IP module, Tensai® for Efficiency, to reduce application support tickets. 
  • Our integrated framework for end-to-end test automation across the testing lifecycle. 
  • Automation of 60% of test cases using Selenium test manager and integrated with JIRA. 
  • A dashboard for monitoring performance and CI opportunities, integrated with ITSM, JIRA, Selenium, and other automation tools. 
  • DevOps along with ISTIO service mesh for automated CI/CD for applications on the Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster. 


The 7+ years of SLA-driven managed services engagement resulted in manifold benefits and tangible savings. 

  • 30% reduction in Total Cost of Operations (TCO) 
  • >6 customer satisfaction scores consistently 
  • 35% reduction in infra spend on compute 
  • 40% improvement in application release velocity using DevOps 
  • 20% increase in incidents Service Level Agreement (SLA) adherence 
  • 25% increase in System Reports Claim (SR) SLA Adherence 
  • 60% reduction in ticket volume 
  • 30+ applications monitoring implemented as Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) 
  • 80% reduction in ticket backlog, improving CX 
  • 10 times more application coverage 
  • 50% reduction in testing efforts via automation 
  • 40% improvement in test design productivity 
  • 100% updated test documentation 
  • 80% agile coverage and rapid innovation 
  • 40% reduction in call volumes 
  • Automated requirement traceability information 
  • Faster time to market and improved customer experience 


The client’s long-term collaboration with Hexaware on a managed services model fueled a 30% reduction in their TCO. The proactive application support and maintenance of more than 150 critical business applications helped drive efficiency and improve customer experience. The 40% increase in velocity of releases and reduced deployment failure by streamlining processes and breaking silos with DevOps helped drive faster time-to-market. Setting up a Center of Excellence was vital to driving a culture of innovation across the organization. 

The rewarding journey for the client was a catalyst to their goal of growing customer value and their vision to be Britain’s best-loved insurance provider. 


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