Seemless Transformation for your Data Warehouse to Cloud

Today, businesses across the world are adopting a ‘cloud first’ approach and investing significantly in re-platforming applications to the cloud. Data warehouses, the crown jewels of legacy infrastructure and life blood of all big companies, are at the heart of this tectonic shift to the cloud.

Re-platforming Data Warehouse (DWH) eco-system onto the cloud is a very complex and challenging process.

The key challenge of a cloud-first strategy is to shift decades of on-premise, long-standing legacy DWH and Data Management eco-system to the cloud, at the lowest risk and expense, and with minimal downtime.

This is exactly what we achieve through Hexaware’s Cloud Enterprise Data Management and Analytics (Cloud EDMA).

Why Cloud?

For customers looking to embrace cloud for analytics, TCO reduction is just one of the driving reasons. Apart from that, enterprises enjoy a robust and scalable infrastructure that takes care of increasing, and varying demands for workload capacity. The cloud offers elastic capacity, at lower cost and improved visibility. Some of the on-premise support systems have months as lead time to procure and get them up and running. Contrast that with cloud, the eco-system is ready within few hours and customers could leverage cloud native features like AI / ML, dockers and serverless architectures.

It is not easy to transform to a cloud-based Enterprise DWH platform. Businesses, while moving to the cloud, want minimal to zero business impact. A typical transformation project can take anywhere between 1-3 years, and it is critical to ensure data quality and continuity, performance and positive developer experience during the transition phase. While the movement of data is the easier part, application modernization is the more time-consuming one, and our clients demand minimum business discontinuity in this period. We achieve this through Cloud EDMA that helps deliver zero business impact and also cuts off costly on-premise appliances from day one.

Some of the key considerations in the offering are:

Data Transitioning

Leverage Cloud native services

Layer wise transition

Less business impact

Logical transitioning

Extend application capabilities


Hexaware’s Cloud EDMA has IPs and accelerators for transforming DWH eco-systems from MPP appliances to Azure / AWS / SAP / GCP eco-system. Appliances come with their own set of challenges including high CAPEX and OPEX, and a big lead time for procurement. Customers tired of such challenges are looking at embracing cloud for DWH and analytics. Cloud EDMA offers an attractive proposition for such customers.

Cloud EDMA addresses Netezza and SQL Server 2008 end of life challenge. It is an ideal time to transform your IT estate with the cloud. Cloud EDMA’s purpose-built IPs and tools bring in over 60% automation across the transformation cycle.

Core offering:

Embracing the cloud:

Cloud Readiness & Recommendation: Questionnaire-based assessment of cloud adoption readiness helps us come-up with recommendations that form a solid foundation for the cloud architecture (IaaS, PaaS, Hybrid), platforms, services and migration approach.

Automated DWH Platform Assessment: Automated assessment of complexity in existing DWH environment.

Journey to the cloud:

Automated DWH Platform Migration: Speedy deployment using automated and controlled migration of metadata from on-premise to cloud.
Advanced Analytics Solutions Extensions: Industry-specific use cases and jump-start model libraries help in rapidly leveraging Advanced Analytics services.

Living on the cloud:

EDMA Governance: Tools like metadata management adapters for the chosen platforms and industry-specific Business Glossary library help with EDMA Governance on cloud.

Hexaware’s Cloud EDMA offering ensures that transition doesn’t cost businesses unreasonable amount of time or money. Jump-start your DWH cloud transformation with us. Send us your queries on

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