Application Managed Services
  • Application Managed Services

    • Are you spending too much for your BaU tasks, processes, delivery methods and application portfolio?

    • Are complex business requirements and continuous demand for innovation impacting your growth?

    • Is your time-to-market getting impacted due to redundant techniques and outdated technologies?

NextGen Application Managed Services (AMS)

Fast-paced digital transformations, complex business requirements and continuous innovation demands have diversified today’s enterprise IT landscape. There is a pressing need for maintaining operations with constant availability, agility, reduced costs and ensured end-customer satisfaction.

To deliver a new paradigm to our clients, we have designed NextGen, our comprehensive offering for Application Managed Services (AMS), that looks into the future needs of our clients and delivers a holistic experience to their end-users. Hexaware’s NextGen AMS is an integrated ‘Build and Run’ model for end-to-end management of your application portfolio to deliver the following benefits: 

  • Reduce total cost of ownership by optimizing and automating of BaU tasks, processes, delivery methods and application portfolio
  • Contribute to topline growth and improve the time to market needs for your application portfolio by adopting modern delivery techniques and emerging technologies
  • Maintain complete transparency of operations along with an upfront guarantee on improvements and innovation

Delivering NextGen AMS

A convergence of our varied service offerings forms all of our managed services programs. To successfully deliver to the client’s objectives, we break down the siloed offerings into a comprehensive solution that would benefit our customers and their customers.

The journey to NextGen AMS runs through five distinct phases:

NextGen AMS five distinct phases

During the assessment phase, our experts also perform a maturity evaluation of your current operating model using our proprietary assessment tool – HMMM (Hexaware Managed services Maturity Model).

The assessment is a key element to defining the roadmap for the journey towards NextGen.

Level 1: Repeatable Support processes; Waterfall-based Development process

Level 2: Defined Processes; Low agility

Level 3: End User focused – Self Service & Agile focus

Level 4: Automation First – Complex cognitive automation

Level 5: NextGen – Intelligent & Modern delivery

NextGen is delivered through our end-to-end managed services platform, Assist, which has been built based on our 25+ years of experience to deliver high-quality services to clients. Assist is built upon a strong foundation of industry standard processes like ISO, ITIL, CoBIT, SAFe.  Assist has a multi-layer architecture – with each layer building on top of the information gathered during the previous – starting from Portfolio Management and Assessments and AMS Solution builders for the pre-engagement layers to Transition & Knowledge Management tools for the transition layer and finally, the delivery accelerators & toolkits and Engagement Governance tools for the Managed Services delivery layer.

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