Today’s enterprise IT landscape is diversified with fast-paced digital transformations, complex business requirements, continuous innovation demands, along with the need of maintaining operations with constant availability, agility, reduced costs and ensured end customer satisfaction.

Hexaware’s NextGen 2.0, Application Managed Services Offering, has been crafted in response to organizations’ such needs by becoming their partner to manage the diversity and complexity of their IT landscapes. NextGen 2.0 takes the absolute lifecycle onus of application management from consultation and development to ongoing management and support. It not only covers Business-As-Usual services through automation-based efficient operating model, but also offer services such as portfolio rationalization, modernization and digital transformation, taking the holistic view of the IT landscape.

With NextGen 2.0 we assure:

  • Lower TCO – up to 40% reduction in cost of IT Managed Services through aggressive investments in automation
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction through transparent governance & real-time dashboards
  • Incremental adoption of the managed services outsourcing model through phased onboarding of the services

In a nutshell, we envision the Managed Service engagement with Hexaware to redefine the paradigm of what constitutes “Success” – lies in our commitment to continually deliver improved services starting from our first engagement with the customer, thereby providing value at every customer touch point,

Our offering provides services in three distinct areas:

1) Application Services

  • Business Need: For customers who are looking to drive improvements in agility, cost and quality of the current delivery of services, whether they are delivered in-house or by another provider(s). Services include Build and/or Run services such as Incident, Service Request, Problem Management, Proactive Maintenance, Enhancements/Project development or Transformation.
  • Our Enablement Capabilities: Seamless Transition/Transfer of current services with a committed roadmap for improvements in customer experience. We work with customers to define and achieve “success” – not just reports and SLA goals.

2) Captive/Global Inhouse Center Advisory and Setup

  • Business Need: For customers exploring setting up new business centers for their IT services to partner with an experienced service provider in order to minimize initial investment and reduce risk during the initial setup period.
  • Our Enablement Capabilities: Design, implement and stabilize an Operation’s model including setting up the facilities & processes and onboarding skilled consultants. Few benefits that can be derived from our approach are cost-efficient management, improved time to market, and risk management.


3) Managed Consultancy Services

  • Business Need: For customers who are looking at augmenting their current IT teams with specialized skilled consultants or consultancy specialists to manage operations, deliver time-sensitive projects or digital transformations.
  • Our Enablement Capabilities: Enable the availability of specialized skills consultants/capacity as skill on-tap or provide strategic consultancy services with SLA-based fulfillment. We provide consultation on fine-tuning processes to lower costs and enhance capabilities.

Delivering NextGen 2.0 Application Managed Services

NextGen 2.0 is delivered through end-to-end Managed Services Platform – Innovative Reliable Integrated Services (IRIS) which is built on our 25+ years of experience in delivering high quality services to enterprise organizations and is constructed using proven set of in-built and industry-based tools, frameworks, processes and best practices.


  • Strategic Portfolio Management (HDart): – Tool which rapidly performs AS-IS analysis of customer’s application landscape, current TCO, risk areas and helps in building TO-BE state along with maximum business value, expected ROI and risk mitigation.
  • Maturity Assessment Tools- Set of tools used to assess, benchmark performance and provide roadmap to transform the maturity of intended processes to the next level in alignment to market trends, industry and domain best practices.
  • Managed Services Solution: – Solution levers evolved based on portfolio analysis, scope of services to arrive at cost-effective and optimized solution, eventually aligning to customer expectations and improved customer experience.
  • ZeroR Transition Portal: – Tool to manage Knowledge Transition as a seamless and disrupt-free program through transparent governance and real-time view to the customer.
  • Knowledge Academy: – Portal having customer-specific centralized knowledge academy and augmented by a highly innovative crowdsourcing ideation Hexaware portal for bottom-up innovations.
  • Managed Services Delivery Toolset: – Delivery enablers comprising different tools, accelerators, other offerings, best practices needed for services delivery, optimization such as AutomatON – an in-built Automation platform for developing and managing AI/ML based BOTS, Raise IT platform for extreme automation, AERO for API & Integrations development services, etc.
  • Enterprise Service Monitoring Dashboard – HexaView: – In-built tool for transparent and real-time performance and service management dashboards of RUN and BUILD organization.

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