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Automation-led Digital Transformation with Salesforce for a leading real estate client in the US

Automation-led Digital Transformation with Salesforce for a leading real estate client in the US

Our client is one of the most expensive housing markets in the US with exponentially high average and median housing prices. It faced challenges in onboarding and retaining seasonal and year-round labor. Hence, it was looking for an enabling partner that could assist with the seamless implementation of a program that provides affordable housing to full-time or seasonal employees, who could not otherwise afford to own or rent a home at the client’s base.


End-to-end process automation was the primary goal of the client in order to establish transparency in the processes, enhance governance and compliance, improve customer support and reduce costs incurred on the program. Hexaware was onboarded as the transformation partner to gain superior productivity and smooth user experience. To come up with effective digital transformation, Hexaware leveraged Salesforce solutions - Service Cloud, Community Cloud, and Platform Cloud and delivered the solution through automation, straight through processing and customer self-service.

The comprehensive solution favorably impacted the employees of the client and the citizens of the county, bringing in the following benefits:

  • Improved sales with superior productivity
  • 50% decrease in customer efforts
  • Central data hub for collecting, storing, and accessing integrated information
  • 360-degree view of Tenant, Unit, Owner

Anytime, anywhere access via mobile to buyer as well as seller

Explore how Hexaware helped a client achieve greater efficiencies in its processes and provide enhanced clarity to its users, with this case study.

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