Tax, Audit and Accounting

Tax & Audit

The constant of tax is change and change is swift. To position tax as an enabler of change and as a business asset, businesses must respond to trends and adopt effective methodologies. With the tax business continuing to move towards a global working model and engaging in more global engagements; Hexaware takes over the role of providing an environment catering to the global system that provides a congenial workspace for teams to collaboratively share and work on client documents, leveraging its experience in this domain. We also understand that it is vital to change as a step forward on the journey to modernize the tax function. This facilitates collaboration portals with features of secure document sharing, tax alerts and digital tax effectiveness, tax technology and tax administration.

The audit industry faces demands from regulators to improve the audit quality; clients demanding more value and relevance and people being frustrated with “form-filling” and ineffective technology. Hexaware’s years of experience in this domain has helped these clients with improved audit quality focus on risk and enhanced execution, enhanced ability to deliver insights and added value through the use of data analytics, ability to demonstrate innovations using the latest technology and improved brand perception.


Integrated financial systems form the digital nervous system of today’s modern enterprises. Accounting and finance management are crucial to driving strategy and future business growth. The current needs faced in this industry are; faster information sharing and delivery between programs and to management, reduction in the amount of delay from gathering information to making decisions, decrease in tax reporting errors, as well as, costs associated with auditing and responding to compliance reviews.

Digital transformation and automation done by Hexaware has helped clients manage critical modules such as, Payables, Receivables, Time Entries, Expenses, Inter Firm Transactions, Client Engagements, Collections, Ledgers, day-to-day activities, not just limited to Incidents, Service Requests, Changes into application but also upkeep of above applications, due to change in volume and upgrade of underlying Infrastructure. The benefits delivered are; quick assembling of reports and balance sheets, eliminating lengthy manual reconciliation of accounts, controlling information flow across the company and facilitating efficient communication between departments.

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