People & Talent Management

Talent management/Human capital is a business strategy that is well integrated with the employee related processes of an organization. It enables to recruit and retain top talented employees. Additionally, talent management also revolves around finer aspects of employee involvement, employee recognition that ensures retention of top talent and attracting the right talent to the organisation.

Growing challenges and trends in the Human Capital Management industry are:

  • The need for an innovative workforce.
  • Flexible Organizational structure adapting to rapidly changing technology needs an increase in the strategic roles, held by key stakeholders of Talent Development.
  • Aligning learning and business goals, and measuring the impact of learning, and addressing skills shortages/talent gaps.

Hexaware helps organizations gain a competitive advantage through the use of information technology together with emerging technologies and partner solutions. Solutions provided in this sector help our customers to streamline operations, enhance process efficiencies, and optimize productivity at a lower cost that is achieved through digital transformation. This is turn helps the customer to connect people to meaningful work, across a wide range of skills and industries.

Human capital management (HCM) is a set of practices related to people resource management that involves the following:

  • Background verification: Increasing unemployment is consequently increasing the need for businesses to screen potential job candidates. Industry operators have witnessed a rise in regulation and oversight, hence, the need for pre-employment background screening, on-boarding and post-hire background screenings. Hexaware meets these strategic objectives through digital and automated solutions that help in increasing Quality deliverables, improving accuracy, reducing turnaround time, effort and “Unable to Verify” percentage. It also minimizes people dependencies through various options such as; application development, platform standardization, migrations to various platforms or cloud and usage of BOTs to improve research.
  • Core HR & HR Modernization: Radical changes in the way businesses manage and organize themselves are compelling HR to modernize. Choosing the right digital resources is critical to the success of HR modernization.

    HR modernization involves:

    • Transitions
    • Absence Management
    • Talent review
    • Compensation

    Hexaware generates value with digital services that support intelligent, trusted digital interactions, along the lines of avid man machine collaboration. The workforce transformation benefits that can be achieved are; considerable improvements in headcount reporting, increased efficiency and transparency in performance management, apart from incorporating a single source of HR Data, thus increasing productivity.

  • Recruiting: Recruitment challenges can be overcome by achieving a faster on-Boarding of customers, personalized customer branding, Candidate Recruitment Experience, Increased Hiring rate, Standardized processes and Automated Process Integration.
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