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Empowering People & Talent Management Firms to Build Modern Digital Capabilities

Massive data influx and the state of the labor market are impacting the approach of HR professionals and leaders in the Talent Management industry. There is increased complexity in the issues around talent management, with talent analytics and artificial intelligence coming into play. Over 40% of talent is expected to freelance soon. Being Agile and having a futuristic vision is essential to attract, develop and retain top talent.

The ‘Blind screening’ practice, where the personal information remains hidden in the hiring process until later is becoming prevalent. Feeding AI with non-partial data such as assessment results can also help mitigate the risks associated with biases that these technologies can unknowingly perpetuate.

Firms are expected to hire in the present, keeping the future in mind. This dynamic is transforming the decision-making process in this industry. Research states that 77% roles that the talent acquisition professionals are hiring for today didn’t even exist a year ago.

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