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Automation in Clinical Trials for Optimized Clinical Outcomes Automation in Clinical Trials for Optimized Clinical Outcomes

Automation in Clinical Trials for Optimized Clinical Outcomes

Transforming Cognitive Assessment Experience for Better Brain Health


The client is a leading neuroscience technology company augmenting brain health assessments to advance the development of new medicines and to enable earlier clinical insights in healthcare.


The company faced significant hurdles with the traditional methods of assessing cognitive functions. The existing paper-pencil tests were not only costly but also prone to human errors, leading to unreliable data and inefficient efforts. The need to accurately understand the effects of drugs on subjects’ cognitive abilities was becoming increasingly critical, yet difficult to achieve with the outdated systems in place.

The goal was clear—to automate cognitive assessment analysis and digitalize the process, thereby ensuring a seamless experience for participants and optimizing clinical outcomes. To bring this vision to life, the company partnered with Hexaware, aiming to develop a digital cognitive assessment platform that would improve patient experience in clinical assessments.


Hexaware brought in automation in clinical trials to address the client’s challenges:

Hexaware developed a cutting-edge, multi-lingual mobile app for clinical trials on the Microsoft Azure platform, enabling participants worldwide to undertake cognitive assessments from the comfort of their homes. This innovative solution leveraged Natural Language Processing (NLP) for speech-to-text capabilities, allowing participants to interact with the app seamlessly.

The app was designed with a patient-centered approach, focusing on an intuitive UI and UX that tracked the patient’s journey across multiple channels. A comprehensive knowledge bank was created, gathering insights from patients globally and offering a personalized assessment experience.

The integration of Electronic Health Records (EHR) through prebuilt APIs marked a significant stride towards more accurate and comprehensive data compilation. The app empowered patients to self-administer assessments, ensuring engagement and guidance throughout the clinical trial process.


The multi-lingual mobile app for clinical trials made a profound impact on cognitive assessments:

  • It now enables participants to undergo assessments from any location, yielding more accurate evaluations and bolstering clinical research.
  • This digital platform is in compliance with FDA reviewer guidance for the measurement of early-phase cognitive markers, which could accelerate the drug approval process.
  • The app facilitates real-time, high-quality data capture, streamlining the assessment process and reducing costs.
  • Furthermore, the reduction in human errors has resulted in more reliable data, significantly aiding in determining cognitively safe dose ranges.


A leading neuroscience technology firm collaborated with Hexaware to automate cognitive assessments, overcoming traditional method limitations. By developing a multi-lingual mobile app for clinical trials, they enabled global participants to take part in clinical trials from home, significantly improving data reliability, reducing costs, and accelerating the drug approval process, thus setting a new standard in brain health research.


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